Caclubindia-Plz come forward to help others!!!

RG - A Helping Hand (Company Secretary) (13867 Points)

13 May 2011  



I’m a new member of caclub and i have observed that despite of the huge membership few posts remain unanswered which is a bit strange for me.


So through this forum I’d like to communicate with Admin and members regarding this issue. I was just thinking about the reasons for this problem but couldn’t find anything strong.


So it is my request to all members try and attend at least one query every day and give at-least one useful reply. I am very confident about this suggestion and its success. It will help everyone by serving two objects:


1.       Member asking query will be benefitted by the answer of other member. His confidence will enhance and next time you may also expect a reply from him. For me this is called transformation. This sort of transformation will surely lead Caclubindia to the next level of success and popularity.


2.       Member giving reply will also be benefitted as far as his confidence is concerned. This is also very useful for improved interaction among members.


So this is a very humble suggestion from my side.


Let me share one more observation about this place based on my previous 1-2 posts in the forum. It is quite easy for a new member to share his/her ideas and thoughts but at the same time it is extremely difficult for him/her to get a good or reasonable response from caclub members especially in forums. As suggested by a member the reason may be a very low score card. So the ultimate picture comes into my mind is that point are more important for good position rather than good thoughts.


But never mind as my aim is to share few good thoughts with members. So getting good, bad or zero response is a different thing and doesn’t make any difference to me.



                Richank Garg