CA Results Manipulation

Rangdi Bangdi (aaa) (85 Points)

17 January 2010  

There is no manipulation involved.

How can one person be it Uttam Prakash Agarwal or someone manipulate CA final results?

What do you mean by manipulation?

Do you mean strict correction? or strict evaluation or outright cheating by reducing marks of some students or candidates?

Reducing marks or cheating is not possible as the system is really Fool-proof even Uttam Prakash Agarwal cannot do anything here.Then he would want only some NorthIndian preferably of his caste or community to get first rank and not some Prajita Balavinodan of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu.

The committe which corrects do so under strict conditions for CA Final,there is a 2 time check on both evaluation and counting of marks(yes sometimes errors creep in because it is human to err).Then the results are segregated zone-wise,etc.

Even the students names and roll numbers are not attached on sheets.The Eastern Zone candidates get their papers corrected by Southern Zone;Southern Zone by Western Zone,etc and this too is done cyclically to obviate any need for partiality.So next attempt Southern Zone papers go to Nothern Zone,etc.

So, no one knows where the papers go,who corrects it,etc.

Also, more than 30 to 45 thousand students write the exam(CA final) in various centres including Nepal,Dubai,Gulf,etc.It is virtually impossible to play with all 30 to 45 thousand papers or even a selected few papers for marks.

So if at all Uttam Prakash Agarwal wants to reduce the marks of some students in Northern zone,he must run down south to Trichy or Kanyakumari and talk with the paper correctors who correct papers under strict correction guidelines in a segregated area.All this is kept confidential.

No one interacts much with ICAI president down south so they will cry fowl and this will hurricane into a major issue for Uttam Prakash and he might go into jail if he does such antics.No one will dare do such things.

This is a national exam written by many and many are bound to fail too because the standards are tough.

So those who are blaming the ICAI,Uttamji,System,etc are not aware of practicality of all this.

Also, they talk with emotion seeing movies like 3 idiots and the need for system change.

We must learn good things from movies not try to lambast one and all in the world.

Did Aamir Khan ever take it on Boman Irani in the film? He used to say "System must change" but never took it personally with Boman Irani.

Yaar, dont worry,there is always a next time.Be confident in life.This is real education.

CA Purush Mistry