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Joe 13 (CA Job)     19 May 2016

Joe 13
CA Job 
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Hi there,

I am a Chartered Accountant cleared in 2009, worked in India till May 2013.

Currently i am in Singapore and i am having tough time finding a job there.

Kindly advise if you can help out with this.

Also should i go for some other course here and then search for a job from a fresh perspective.

Thanks :)

Prashant Rajput (An insatiable Learner)     19 May 2016

Prashant Rajput
An insatiable Learner 
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Hey Joe,It's very challenging for a fresher CA to find a job in Singapore or Malaysia as their respective govts have issued a directive to companies to first hire their natives within a look out period of say 1 year.So first,a company will look for required candidate within the native pool for 1 year then if unsuccessful go for foreigners like you.However, experience of atleast 5-7 will help.

Seeing your ignorance about the above matter, I assume you haven't visited ICAI Singapore chapter. Read my article on Mystery of Indian CAs abroad demystified for further info.I have stressed much on visiting CA chapter located in target country.

As for doing courses, ask around and seek counsel from CA Singapore chapter. You may go for CA Singapore, CPA Australia or ACCA.But not sure which Certification holds more value in the eyes of employers.Appear from scratch for all the papers whatever course you decide to do but non natives clause is the stumbling block.

As far as I know,There is huge demand for specialisation in Corporate Governance, Internal Audit and Regulatory Control. You may also go to New Zealand, Ireland,may be Australia. Do visit their CA Chapters too

abhay (manager)     11 June 2016

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Hi !

I would answer the question from the viewpoint of an Indian CA from ICAI.

If I were to choose which country out these three, I would look into the following:

    Professional Opportunity

For CAs moving into these countries, the ICAI has signed MOUs of all these countries CA Professional bodies for ICAI members to become a members of the other institutes.

Australia - MoU with Australia allows you to become an Associate member after submitting the required documents. You can't publicly practice there i.e you will be able to join the Industry but not sign or certify in independent capacity.

Canada - MoU with the Canada professional bodies ends by 2016, ICAI has initiated talks to continue the same. The professional bodies in Canada have been reconstituted, as of now I'm unclear of my professional opportunity there other than employment.

England - MoU with England's ICAEW is in existence for a long time. ICAEW associate membership is same as Australia you cannot sign or certify in Independent capacity. But the ACCA a professional body in UK without the MoU allows you few exemptions in the exam papers, so you can avail their membership after clearing the non-exempted papers. Their membership allows you to act in Individual capacity.

UAE - ICAI has its own Middle East chapters unlike any other Professional body to give an upper hand to its members to establish practice in the Country. There is an abundant number of opportunities for CAs in employment in this country than practice and are also paid handsomely.

Job profile in the above countries are more towards corporate employment rather than individual practice, except in UAE where Indian Firms in the country hire CAs for their audit works.

    Cost of living - Taxes, insurance, and other nuts and bolts.

The cost of living is very high in Australia due to its housing taxes. Housing in Canada is far more affordable at the moment when compared to Australia. Regular living expenses also tend to be higher in Australia that they are in Canada. When compared to Australia with England, Australia is still on a higher side.

Rental facts :
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre in Toronto $1,464.62 ,in Sydney $2,244.02 and in London $1400. Abu dhabi $1367 - $3,267.

Personal Taxes :
No taxes in Canada till $43,561, Australia $18,200 and in England tax slab starts from £0 -£31,785 at 20%. No taxes in UAE for any amount of income.

    Foreign bureaucracy

Typically, the visa application process for Canada is easier, despite the recent emphasis on having fluency in English or French. While both function on a points-based process and have a preferred skills list, Canada does have far fewer visa subclasses and less stringent visa application assessments. UK has stricter Immigration laws than the other two. UAE immigration laws are much easier may be a little behind Canada.

Permanent residency
Gaining permanent residency for Australia or Canada or England or UAE is all based on eligibility and factors that affect the immigrant’s future prospects within the country such as field of expertise, work experience, references and relations in the country.

    Culture, Lifestyle & Safety

Australia as well as Canada and England have a widely diverse population, but with different ethnicity factors. Canada has a dominant Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Jamaican base and a notably increasing number of Middle Eastern population.

Australia, on the other hand, has a more diverse population, with Indonesian, Thai and Lebanese as the dominant communities, and small Central or South American communities.

Canada defines itself largely in opposition to the United States and Britain. Quebec forms a distinct society, but links itself strongly to the US economy. Canada is less centralised than, for example, London-focused Britain, so each province runs many of the activities that in Europe are usually co-ordinated at a national level, most notably health-care and education. In other ways Canada seems more similar throughout than Britain; with the exception of Newfoundland, the English-Canadian accent sounds the same from Halifax to Victoria. Canada is proud to see itself as a bilingual, multi-ethnic country.

UAE is globally known for its free trade ideologies attracts many immigrants and also known to be people friendly.

Global peace index tells me Canada is the 7th safest country in the world, while Australia is 9th, UK is 39th and UAE is 49th.


I would like to end in two points, one is on a personal note and other on a general note.

Personal Verdict : England

Why ? I have admired myself to be a top most professional all my life. So, I would be looking for professional enhancement at any cost. Moreover there are few areas where the professional services in the Country will give me a global work experience rather than other countries, since London is highly ranked financial capital than Toronto or Sydney or Abu Dhabi.

General Verdict - Canada/UAE

Based on the above facts, it looks like Canada/UAE is a much better option for immigration, lifestyle and culture is concerned. Consider the later incase income taxes bother you.
admission in b tech mechanical engineering
Hope this helped.

Joe 13 (CA Job)     20 September 2019

Joe 13
CA Job 
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Thank you so much for such a detailed reply.


Victoria (Workout)     26 September 2019

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hey, guys, how is safe to live in Singapore? Is it a safe country to live in?


Max Muller   26 September 2019

Max Muller

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hey guys that the real reason

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