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Prashant Rajput

An insatiable Learner






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About me

  Member Since : 28 October 2011  (Delhi )

About me:

A person who is a child at heart.I like to talk to people at who are soft spoken and courteous.A bit shy too.I find myself introvert,outspoken,sapios*xual,self-centred,possessive,inquisitive

Philosophy:Life is a journey.Whether one covers it on foot,public transport or private car doesn't matter since the destination is same.So I always feel myself very fortunate with whatever has been bestowed to me by my Lord.

Career interests:Pursuing CA,CIMA Certificate level.These are just a means to an end not an end in itself.will pursue more  value-adding credentials as we've entered into an era of lifelong learning.

To-do list: I wish to learn foreign languages like french,Spanish.Learn Salsa,etc.

Most importantly,I'd very much like to read biographies of Napoleon bonaparte,Alexander the great inter alia because I believe one cannot know his future if one doesn't know from where s(h)e has come.Ancient Civilisations like chinese,Persian and Egyptian fascinates me. And of course holy text Gita and Ramcharit manas.

About CAclubindia:We live in a world where we think at individual level,grow at family level and get influenced at society level.But I believe one should think at society level,grow at individual level and get influenced at family level.To put this in perspective,when a person heads out of his dwelling,has a short journey and comes back to his own small world-At a bird's eye view,it would seem we're a part of society,going about one's business.But,as a matter of fact,we don't know if the person on the road travelling with us is going through a life crisis or a major upheaval.Where am I getting at?Here on this platform,we are touching each other's lives.


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