Branch addition under gst

Ours Already Registered Concern Having 3 Branch in TN. In addition of Fourth Branch, Inspection process every other formalities were completed before 30th May, Before Issuing the Addition Certificate, GST came into force. Now what is procedure for Addition wheter to Start from begining once again or any any online registration available. please advice on the above.


which business u r carrie on,, normally u have to migrate in GST regime, and u may show ur all branches during online migration process to GST.

Dear Senthil.,
At the time of migration you are added the 4th place or not...?
If you added then no need in GST adding...!
If not you just amend/core field add your 4th place. No need new branch registration for the 4th place...

(I think you add in May it also reflected your TIN. You ll check it your VAT website. Bcoz, I get one of my clients new registration at end of the month and also certificate in June in Coimbatore (I'm in Coimbatore) so only I said it)


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