Articleship strarting date- help needed urgently

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24 February 2013  

Hello senoirs ,

i need your help.. its urgent

See i started going to office i.e i commenced my articleship on 15 feb 2013 and i will get franking of FORM NO 102 done tommoro i.e 25 feb 2013.. so my doubt is..

1. IS it correct/ possible/ valid to mention 15 feb 2013 as my articleship commencement date in form no 102 even though i have done franking of form 102 on 25th feb 2013

2. When will institute consider my articleship i.e with effect from the date mentioned in form no 102 or from the day i started going to office??

3. Is retrospective effect possible in franking i.e Franking done on 25th feb 2013 whereas articleship commenced with retrospective effect from 15 feb??

4. Actually i want to get articleship registered on 15 feb 2013 but i havenot done any franking or bought stamp paper or bond .. is it possible??