Articleship experience


15 July 2011  

hai friends! At present I have completed 3yrs and 3 months of my articleship.During my articleship so far i have been given very low level work like vouching,posting casting ,totalling ledgers etc.,

I also donot have any hope that I would be getting good quality work during the rest of my articleship.My principal also irritates me by saying that you are not at all taking initiative. Whereas Iam tired doing this silly vouching etc.,. He also says that you lack the interest to work and things like that. But whenever I ask work from my seniors iam not allowed to cross this boundary of vouching and posting.

My worry is when I complete my articleship and get employed in an accounts or finance department of a company, how will I be able to handle the pressure there? If I donot know to do anything in the place where I will be employed, what will be my position?

Please guide me.