Are our exam papers really checked?

Chintan Vasa (CA Final Student M.Com)   (1241 Points)

02 September 2009  

Lacs of students appear for exams whether it may be CPT, PCC or Final. But are the answer sheets really checked by a qualified checker? Does anybody have a full proof information regarding the system of checking & who is qualified to check it? Why doesnt ICAI it display it publically about the system of assessment of our answer sheets? And what about our right to get the answer sheet. Recently the Central Information Commissioner (CIC) ordered ICAI to show the answer sheets to a student. Why hasnt ICAI laid down any guideline for the same? Infact i had mailed about the procedure for verifiying the answer sheet however no reply was given. Members please think about all these & kindly express your views, opinions, experience & suggestions regarding the same.