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Anyone passed ca after the age over 40?

Alex John (IT) (38 Points)

25 September 2012  

I'm 39yrs old & working in IT field and have no accountancy background.  My qualification is 10th + 3yrs Diploma in Computer Science. Now, I plan to register for CPT and 'Senior Secondary Certificate' course of 'National Institiute of Open Schooling'  which is equivalent to +2 as per icai website.  I think, once i pass both exams I can register for next levels without any additional qualifications. 

Now, I want to hear if anybody  joined for CA course after the age 40 and successfully completed it.


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Dintakurthi Tirumala (CA FINAL) (15977 Points)
Replied 25 September 2012

Yes, I heard about 2 to 3 persons who attains age 40 and above one of the person is 50 above and completed CA. But i don't know such persons. One of the person known to me told me while i went for an audit.



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kishore (STUDENT(IPCC)) (867 Points)
Replied 25 September 2012

u r elder than me .. SO i shoul;d not suggent u any thng.... butmy opnion is u register it and success in in so tht u ll be d best eample for us who did CA at the ae of 40...


there is one person who started ca after his retirement from government service at the age of 60 and completed his ca by 65 years. i know one uncle who used to get 60000rs per month salary  and he has family of two children still studying . but he took voluntary retirement @ 45yrs. JOINEDD IN CA  in 2002 and completed ca in 2009 @ 52yrs. so therefore age is not a barrier to anything. for example one lady age 63 yrs did swimming continuisly 163 kilometers for many days continuously and registerd in guiness records .which many of us however younger than her did not achieve..

          so if u have love towards subject and enough money support family u can join and complete ca.

                           ALL THE BEST



please read this

Dear Friends and CCI members
This is my humble effort to bring a real life story. There are a lot of people who wish to become CA. But, their age factors, family responsibility etc will prevent them to become their goal. But there is one man who proves that age factor is not a limiting factor if you have a strong will. Those who want to become a CA don’t take the age factors in to consideration. Please go through the following part of discussion.
About SD Bala ACA

Ø SD Bala is a co author of SFM book of V pattabhi Ram, snow white communications. He is also associated with Prime academy in many verticals.
Ø He was served State Bank of India for a period of 26 years and after attained the age of 56 (that is a retirement age) have an ambition to become CA.
Ø All the family members, friends and relative were opposed his decision since attaining CA course in the young age is a difficult task. This is the age of retirement, no career after attaining the retirement age.
Ø He started the article ship (Not dummy) in the age of 56 years. Though age wise he is 56 years old, but his mind is young.
Ø Finally he is qualified as CA 13 days before he attaining the age of 60 years.

Is age is a Factor for Success??
Ø The first and foremost lesson we have to learn from his story is “Age is not a limiting factor”. There are a lot of questions in forum as well as expert segment about the age factor. I hope, from SD Bala example, if you have a powerful will to become CA, then you can achieve.

Ø Bala have a Good positive attitude, and the desire to become CA was keen. He put faith fully with him. With a tireless work, the things made in his favour. Those who doing preparation sincerely and honestly, no doubt, God grace and support will be with them.

Ø He has faced many challenges in such an old age.
Ø If your mind is young, the age is not a obstacle to achieve the goals.
Ø There are some of our friends who have pursued CA erstwhile, and later failed and due to securing their life and family responsibility etc, they may undergone job . But if you have the strong desire with you to become CA, Come whole heartedly. You can become CA.
Ø If you have a strong mission, then, you can achieve your goals without much difficulties

Wish you all the best
CA Vivek M
castudenthelpdesk @ gmail.com

source https://castudenthelpinghand.blogspot.in/




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CA Priya (CS Final) (1048 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

I just want to share this info with you........ I had an fello candidate in my exam hall in my Final who was aged 63, he was a retired Accountant.... He joined CA after retirement and Got through in Final successfully with us!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on yar....... Its CA........ It welcomes all with open hands...... Be positive...... You'll definitely clear.......

All the best............. 



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*RENU SINGH * (✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩ )   (21607 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

S.D. Bala is the most inspiring name for me in the world of CA .... who completed his CA at the age of  68 ..... Your age is still 40 .....why to worry ....





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CA Sanjay Bag (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (3340 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

Yes, I also know about a renounced lawyer who joined CA at the age of 60 and passed out at the age of 63


"Jindagi ki asli udaan abhi baaki hai
Jindagi ke kai imtehan abhi baaki hai
Abhi to naapi hai mutthi bhar zamin humne
Abhi to sara aasman baaki hai…"

Go for it........................ age doesn't matter Mr. Alex..........

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Vijayalakshmi.K (ICWA Final ) (324 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

You are in IT field now, why do you want to do ca. Any specific reason. Because you have to learn and gain experience in the accounts field from abc.

CA Pooja Agarwal (Chartered Accountant) (3218 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

ages are just numbers

CS Rajeev Rawat (Company Secretary) (45 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

There is no age bar to become CA/CS/CMA.

I started CS-Executive at the age of 36 in 2011.

Now I'm 37 and in CS-Professional.


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Chitra Alagappan (BCOM., CA Final) (464 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

I also seen a person who is doing CA at age of above 40. He complete CA IPCC and resign his current job to go to Articleship to his friend Audit Firm.

After seeing that person I decide age is not restricted to do CA

So Sir have confident to get into CA and come out with Success. Be a role Model to others.


Regards Chitra . AL.

Alex John (IT) (38 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

Thanks you!


Can I do articleship in parallel with my current software job in IT? Is it possbile to register with a CA for a bogus articleship, and work for him only weekends? I mean can I reach any such agreement on personal relation with that CA.

Arif Ali (Apt Co Advisory) (1225 Points)
Replied 26 September 2012

Though Age is not bar for to do CA. but I want to know that why do u want to go for CA. It is no easy it needs more effort and more study. If you go to CA then there is 3 years articleship is must and u cannot job with articleship. 

If you want to more earn, there u have more other offer. why have u decided to do CA. See ur own capability, dont hear any other bcz nobody knows whats capability and discapability in you. So think again & again. since ur field is computer, then I'll suggest u to go for in this line. u can go for MCA. and it will be more esay for you. and no any fear to fail in this. 

Above mostly freind said that that person was became CA at 63 age. Think u, what is benefit of this at that age. Life is not for only study. This is also for enjoyment with family fully. and also for devoted for God. 

I suggest you to stay in computer line and go for higher qualification. It will be more beneficial to you as ur previous experience will be counted. If you change the field then you will be treated as fresher and ur life will be started from zero. Think how many times u will start ur life from Zero. understand the value of life. 


Above was my suggestion only. Decesion will be at your end.


Take Care


Concentrate on your current field.. Why do you want to ruin your life by selecting CA course which has become a normal degree in today's circumstances.

I strictly advise you to get counselling from Newly qualified chartered accountants to know the real value of CA course.

More over i would say you live your remaining 50% life peacefully since you have already had struggling life so far.

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