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Anyone passed ca after the age over 40?

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suresh (accounts manager) (34 Points)
Replied 17 February 2016

Inspiring comments


sanzee (CEO) (21 Points)
Replied 09 May 2016

Hi Everyone

I am 60 years old and am planning to take CA final exam in Nov. 2016.

I registered for my CA Articles in 1977 and everything was going so well. I cleared my Intermediate exam in Nov. 1978 (IPCC). I cleared two groups of final in May 1980 ( used to be three groups in final then). But then I had to visit USA for some family reasons and I got stuck here. I settled here and am doing quite well in business. I visited in India fiirst time after that in 1999 and thought that I am too old to take CA exam now. It was very easy for me to pass then though. I had to appear in 1 paper in group 1 and score only 40 and 2 papers in group 2 and score 40 in each. But I decided that it is not useful for me anymore.

Now at 60 I regret not to complete my CA back then. I want to come back to India once for all. Although, I am not going to make a living out of it but I still feel that I must have CA before my name. Recently on my visit to India, I visted ICAI and enquired about the procedure to complete my CA.

Unfortunately, they told me that since the sylabbus has changed, I have to pass both groups of final exam.

I am so determined to do it that I will take both both groups. Althugh I have full time job and famuily, I still take it a challenge. I am trying to appear for both groups in Nov. 2016. I am sure sooner rather than later I will pass the final exams.

Kindly do not comment on my age or discourage me.


James Board (Manager) (23 Points)
Replied 09 May 2016

If you want to do then nothing else matters just proceed with your dreams and passion. If I come in contact with anyone who did CA after 40 then definitely let you know

Shini Suresh (2 Points)
Replied 01 August 2016

I am 49year old woman, passed CA inter in 1994 , but marriage and family pressures prevented me from passing final Exams, I have always wanted to clear the final exams, dear friends is it too late to give a try, my children have flown the nest, I have enough free time to Persue my dream, your advice means a lot to me

Replied 06 September 2017

I am 46 years old doing my CMA since last 4 yrs. not getting so much time for preparation, I am not worried about the completion of CMA but I am increasing my knowledge which will help me in the future job. 


Ravindra Daundkar

arindam dutta (2 Points)
Replied 17 July 2018

i=small bird,life=eagle,but baaz nal je chidiya ladawa ta Govind Singh naam dharawa,Bole so nihal,Sat shri Akal

Abhijeet Jana (2 Points)
Replied 07 May 2021


Can you connect me with the uncle. We might be having some opportunity in regards to that. You can contact me.

Chhaya Bhanushali (2 Points)
Replied 25 April 2022

I became CA at the age of 39...i m average student...and started because i wanted to do something for myself.I wont say it was easy...but precious things are always difficult to achieve....i m struggling to start my career as a fresher...but i can overcome that too...its never too late.....so if you are determined....go for it....

Replied 05 July 2023

How to motivate myself to prepare my CA Final exams? Im 40 years old now. I passed CA IPCC in 2010. Since then Im out of touch of study. I am working, earning well but somewhere in my heart I feel empty as I left my CA Final exam and I might be a CA as well.

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