Annual kyc of all din holders mandatory

P C Agrawal (Registered independent director Past Chairman of Aurangabad Chapter of ICSI Practicing Company Secretary at Aurangabad)   (8224 Points)

07 July 2018  

As per notification issued by MCA on 5.7.2018 all persons holding DIN as on 31.3.2018 (whether Indian or foreign and whether holding position of Director or not) have to take following action:


  1. Take digital signature certificate (DSC), if not taken already and register the same on MCA portal.
  2. Indian DIN holders must ensure that details in their PAN are correct.  In case of any discrepancy, the same should be corrected first since details in PAN and DIN must match.  Foreign DIN holders must give passport details.
  3. Form DIR-3-KYC has to be filed by them alongwith proof of identity and address under their DSC duly signed by practicing professional also (CA/CS/CWA) latest by 31.8.2018 without fee failing which their DIN will be deactivated.  Unique mobile number and personal email ID of the director has to be given in the form.
  4. In case of any delay (even 1 day) fee of Rs.5,000 will be payable by the director.  DIN will be reactivated after filing the form with late fee.
  5. From next year onwards Form DIR-3-KYC has to be filed by all DIN holders latest by 30th April.  In case of non-filing DIN will be deactivated.  It will be reactivated only on filing the form with delay fee of Rs.5,000.