Am i on track ???

Krithika (CA) (94 Points)

03 September 2010  

Hi friends,

Im giving my Final exams in May 2011 and in the last phase of my articles which is getting over by Dec 2010... I have been attending classes( im from chennai ) and in the verge of completion, DT is pending...  The problem i face is im not able to study consistently... Donno where i lack but somehow i mess up... Everyday is like, im just not able to focus much.. Im not able to recollect whatever is study....

How do i go abt cracking??? Its high time i start... But where do i begin with???

What combination i can adapt ??? Wat are the ideal books ?? How do i keep abreast of all the changes that are applicable for my exams??? How to go abt AS and SA  ??

Can anyone suggest me model time table, how to go abt consistently pls.... I think that is where i lack...

Looking forward for your reply friends