Accounting entry

Jojo V (Nil) (24 Points)

26 March 2012  

Dear Sirs,


Please pardon my english

We have some tecnicians who came from other company to do some projects under our label. We have provided House (Rental), cars (Our Own cars) to them. 

We are paying their house Rent, say 18000/- per month and we will be charging them 25000/- per month

Car Rent Will be 30000/- per month

We are getting some commission from their Work say 50000/- per month


Under which group & names the following transactions will be recorded, if i am using tally

House Rent Paid by us (18000),

House Rent Received (25000)

(25000 - 18000)  7000 - Commission on House Rent 

Car Rent Received (30000)

Commission from Project Received (50000)


What will be the entries:

For paying House Rent

Receiving House Rent including commission on House Rent

Receiving Car Rent

Receiving Commission on Project


Please give your suggessions


Best Regards,