A story of an old clock and new clock- worth reading

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09 February 2012  

There was an Old Church which is more than 100 years old. As the old priest is not physically well, the Church committee decided to appoint a new priest. The young priest took charge of the church. While roaming around the Church building, he thought to do some renovation in the church to make it more attractive.With the help of the church committee, they did many things like bought new carpets, painted the walls, put new sealing etc.

As part of the renovation, the priest thought to change the old clock which is powered by key and making noise with a brand new electronic clock. But the priest decided to keep the New clock beside the Old clock for the time being as many Old people are so much attached to the Old clock.

The new clock was very happily and smoothly jumping each second with "tick" "tick" "tick"sound. There was power and enthusiasm in his jumping. At the same time the old clock with very difficulty and with the noise of wheels also tried to move along with the new clock.

In the beginning the new clock was very proud and was reluctant to speak to the Old clock. But after some time to burn the boredom, the new clock decided to talk to the old clock.

During the conversation, the new clock asked the old clock "How long have you been here?" to that the old clock replied that more than 100 years. Hearing the answer, the new clock fell into thoughts. It tried to calculate the jumps to make in order to complete the 100 years. For one minute 60 jumps, for one hour 3600 jumps, for one day 86400 jumps, for one month 2592000 jumps, for one year 31536000 jumps, for 100 years 3153600000 jumps.

Shortly after the calculation, the new clock stopped jumping the seconds.The old clock, noticing the silence of the new clock, asked the reason for the silence.

To that the new clock replied "I was calculating the jumps you have competed last 100 years. You have completed millions of jumps. I don't think I would be able to complete that much jumps. Thinking about all that jumps, I am stressed and cannot move. I am helpless and cannot jump one second. While thinking about it I had a heart attack."

The old clock knowing the situation, asked one question. "I know your situation, but I would like to ask you one question, Can you jump one second?"

To that the new clock replied. "It is very easy, I can easily jump one second. It is very very easy."

The Old clock replied "Do that."The old clock continued, Just think about one second at a time and jump. Don't think about 100 years, just think about one second. The new clock happily started to jump one second at a time.

The moral of the story is don't think about all the things to be done in a lifetime.

Just think about the next moment.

Just think about one day at a time. It will help us to continue our journey.

Don't get depressed or discouraged.

Always start with a small step and continue. One step at a time will lead you to the destination.

Don't give up!!!! Don't be a quitter!!!!

                               Winners don't quit, Quitters don't Win.

            Losers quit when they are tired, Champions quit when they hold good

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