A girl doing CA .... rejected ?

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16 July 2011  

Today is the 21st century. Life has changed a lot. In the past, a girl was taught to do household works only. It was regarded as disgrace when women do job in past …

But in today’s world people thinking got really changed. Now parents consider their daughter as their son. Their is not any more differentiation between a girl and a boy. Even parents want that their daughter should be self dependent that she could manage her life at her own.

 A girl doing CA …..

Wow …nice idea na . really cool . Suppose a girl joins her CA after her graduation.  it means her age is already crossed 20 ( as a base). And while doing CA it take almost 4 years i.e. her age should  be 24 when she will be  a CA.


CA and success -------

Everyone knows even a champion can fail. So suppose the girl who is already managing her house-cores along with studies also don’t get succeed.  So what ?? i.e her age can be around 26 years. I am just representing some facts here . So don’t get angry;(.

 CA and marriage -----

Now the next context of the life begins.  A girl is even considered eligible for marriage when she crosses her 18. Even my school teacher did her daughter’s marriage at the age of 17 and 19;(. So while doing CA, relatives even doesn’t consider that the girl is studying and should be free from this stress …

They even advise parents every time “when is your daughter’s marriage. Koi ladka dekha ya nahi…Main advise du :P


Dekho dikhao ceremony ( materialistic approach ) -----

This is the main crucial part of a girl’s life. She chooses another home and leaves her father’s home for whole of her life. But now people don’t think in this way. People have become much more practical. They want an earning wife, who is already indulged in a job.

And while she is doing CA, she will get coaching. It means an extra pocket cost. They just don’t have to bear only her expenses as well as her study expenses.She wont  even give appropriate time to the family and her marriage life.


 A girl’s feeling -----


Every girl dreams of a boy who is loving and caring. And her step family should be same as her family. She sees her step mom as the shadow of her mom. She wants to be the daughter of new home. There are so many dreams and emotions are attached with the new life. But if a girl is rejected for  such approach that she is not earning enough….so what will she create the image of her new home ?

There are so many dowry cases. These are also the part of these evil ideas


Rejection ------

If a girl is rejected over such base, that she is doing CA. Is that appropriate????

Should she curse herself??? Should she drop her dream for being a CA????

She even thinks that she made a wrong decision by choosing it. It’s not just a time consuming course as well as need concentration and devotion. So she really made a bad decision because even after getting married, it will take time to be settled. Therefore, she should give up the idea of CA.


IF she is leaving her dream for an alliance, then she must think that she can get ten more good proposals after being a CA.


A girl’s responsibility -----

The whole society can’t be reformed in a day. But it doesn’t mean that a girl should not stand for herself .

·        Convince parents  -----

§   A girl should convince her parents first. She should have a clear vision of her own dream .what she really wanna do with her life?

§  If she really want to establish herself first , then she should convince her parents in the required way. Now that’s a trick !!!!

§  A girl  should always remember that parents won’t do her marriage until she don’t say yes to her parents.


·        Open communication -----

§   Actually there is so much shyness in girls, that they don’t even share their dream boy idea with their parents.  She should be brave what she really desires, what qualities is she looking in her husband.

§   Normally girls don’t take a step upon this aspect as they think “what will parents think”

§  They are parents . if they cant know what you want , then how will they be able to give you the same.


Parent’s responsibility ------

Not just the girl, even parents should also think that if the girl is studying. She should not be unnecessarily burdened with the thoughts of marriage.


Society responsibility

Society should also think that a girl who is not working doesn’t mean that she is not capable enough. A housewife is the one who binds a family, creates happiness and peace. The society should wake up. And don’t need to be so blind for money sake. Such kind of dowry ….should eliminated from the society. These all things just kill humanity.


A coin has two sides ----

This is not just the whole side. I have seen many examples where a girl after her marriage joins CA, CS, and many more courses. So we should not just focus on negative part but also need to praise for positive aspect of the life. Even one of my friends, her husband used to pick her from examination centre. And her in laws even help her in every work.


Conclusion .

Giving up dreams for the sake of difficulties may create a relief for a moment. But it pains like hell after some time. So never lose hope.