9 Excel Shortcuts That Will Boost Your Productivity

Bikash Kpro badge (Unemployed) (39 Points)

22 November 2022  

The key to boosting your productivity is to learn the right Excel shortcuts so that you can work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, there’s always a new shortcut to learn. Your computer keyboard is basically a treasure trove of powerful time-saving shortcuts, and the more you use them, the faster you’ll be able to work.

There are a ton of different shortcuts that you can use in Microsoft Excel to help boost your productivity and get things done faster. Here are 9 of the best ones that you should definitely make use of:

1. Control + Home – Takes you to the very top left cell in your worksheet.
2. Control + End – Takes you to the bottom right-most cell in your worksheet.
3. Control + Arrow Keys – Moves you one full cell in whichever direction you press the arrow key in.
4. Shift + Arrow Keys – Selects a range of cells starting from the active cell in whichever direction you press the arrow key in.
5. Control + Spacebar – Selects the entire column of the active cell.
6. Shift + Spacebar – Selects the entire row of the active cell.
7. Control + A – Selects the entire worksheet contents.
8. F5 – Takes you to a specific cell that you specify.
9. Control + P – Opens up the print dialog box so that you can print your document.