50K per annum to a CA (Jobs at caclub)

CA. Dashrath Maheshwari (TaXpert) (15103 Points)

08 June 2010  

I have observed that, many people uploaded requirement of  CA's at caclubindia..

Its really good that this portal provides everything for CA's.

I want to communicate to ADmin to fix the minimum salaries for CA's to 3.50 Lacs so that no one can opt for a salary of 1.5 Lac:

For Exampls see:

1. Reputed Auto Ancillary in Bangalore's: How can we say that its a reputed concern.. they are joking here by asking 1.5 Lac+Contract !!!

2.A1A Staffing: In the same posting, somewhere they are saying 5-7 Lacs and selected more then 3 Lac (There is more then 100% difference between the both sayings)

3. MAHAVIRA SHIRTINGS LTD: They guys are looking for PE2 candidate in 50K to 150K in MUMBAI.. can anyone provide me a PE2 or CA Intermediate in 180K in Hyderabad !!!

AND this was the limit

have a look on these fools:

They want CA in less then 50000 PER ANNUM

Don't be silent, make a comment, its your right guys n gals