3 Ways to make your computer more secure

Nilesh Jain (Assistant Manager) (1064 Points)

10 February 2011  

One of the greatest technologies of all time is the computer and the computer has made a lot of impact on today’s world that it has become a very significant part of our day to day lives. In most schools, you won’t even be allowed to study if you don’t have a computer and most of the top paying jobs in the world now require the use of a computer. What this means is that the lives of so many of us strongly depends on our computer and if anything should happen to our computer it will have a great effect on us. This article will be giving you some tips to make your computer more secure.


1. Install an Antivirus 

The first thing to do after installing the operating system of your computer is to get an antivirus . It is very easy for computers to get infected by a virus nowadays, especially if you’re connected to the internet, and it wouldn’t be wise to risk this.


We all use a lot of software, we download a lot of files, we visit a lot of websites everyday and hackers are always looking for things to exploit in order to infect your computer with a virus. Don’t ever think your favorite software could not be hacked or that software can’t infect your computer with a virus, it isn’t worth the risk so make sure you install an antivirus  on your computer as soon as you can.


2. Keep Your Computer Up to Date

One cold hard truth about security is that as the good guys are improving so are the bad guys. Every single day Microsoft is improving its operating system and every single day your antivirus  provider is rolling out new database updates so are the hackers discovering and improving upon new ways to exploit your computer. Don’t allow them to play you and make sure you install the latest software and firmware updates for your computer regularly. Don’t prevent your antivirus  from updating, rather, make it a duty to update it every single day of the week – this will go a long way to make your computer more secure.


3. Install a Firewall

Since most computers are hacked via the internet or via files using the internet it will be very wise for you to install a firewall. Computer firewalls are programmed to only allow some programs to connect by default, any other program that wants to connect will have to be authorized by you and this will make sure you are aware of any suspicious operation on your computer. You should also make sure you don’t authorize just any software/program to be able to pass through your firewall but make sure you’re very certain of a computer program before giving it access.