16 reasons why you should stop thinking about her?

1. Your Aaukad In Front Of Her Is Nil.
2. Your Dad Don't Have Any Business.
3. She Live In Luxurious Life N You Are Fro
4. Too Much Family Problems (If You Say About Your Family Then He/She May Ask K Kounse Movies' Ki Story Bataraha Hai?).
5. Keep Yourself In Her Place N Think Then You May Realised The Treatment She Is Giving Is Right From Her Point Of View.
6. She Might Have Some Desires, Dreams Etc. That You Might Not Fulfill (Ie She May Think K Her Partner Should Be Handsome, Smart, Well Settled, Financially Sound, Which Ultimately Fulfill Her Wises, Desires, Dreams Na But At This Moment You Can’t.
7. In This Century Its Very Difficult To Find A Girl Who Will Sacrifices Everything For You. But Before That A Q. Arises Why She Sacrifices Everything, Do You Have Any Qualities For Her Sacrifices???
8. Today's World Is Fast Forward Nobody Will Wait, And Don't Wait For Her You Are Making Fool Yourself Even You Know Very Well K She Is Not Waiting For You.
9. If You Still Irritating Through Sms, Calls, and Emails Etc Believe Me Otherwise She Must Teach You A Lesson Of Your Life. Because She Is Rich N Her Dad Can Do Anything Which Is Not Better For You And Your Family.
10. In Point 9 Above She Might Get Happy With Other Gay. But You Family Never Ever Find Other Son At This Stage. Or You Have To Sit On Reserve Seat Ie On Handicapped Sit.
11. You Always Say K 'Respect To Those Who Respect You' N Now Listen To Me  'Show Interest In Them Who Show Interest In You'
12. If You Remember You Always Tell Me Ki 'You Are The Bravest Solider Of The God, He Never Give You Things Very Easily'. Because He Know Very Well What You Truly Deserve. This Is Your Toughest Battle For You Face It.
13. Passing Ca, Cwa, Doctorate Is Just A Process You Have To Think Beyond This For What Purpose God Have Created You And Keep Such Humanity, Keep Away Ego, Attitude And Anger.
14. Keep Your Identity Separate From Others Because All These Are Common People They Just Born And Die Like A Green Grass. I Wanted To See You As A Strong Tree Which Will Give Sweet Food, Shadow, Shelter Etc. And Keep Alive For Thousands Of Years In Their Mind With Great Respect.
15. Today They Are Laughing On You Because You Are Different From Others But One Day Will Come That Day You Will Laugh On Them Because All Of Them Are Same.
16. I'm Not Trying To Say To Be A Good Person You Have To Do Good Things Only... Just Try Your Best To Avoid Doing Bad/Wrong Things.
Best of Luck For Your Rest of Life..... God May Bless You!!!
Source www.ganeshghadage.blogspot.in