15CB certificate if TDS not detected.

Krishna (Assistant) (633 Points)

18 August 2023  
A non resident sold his mutual fund. But the mutual fund companies have not deduct his tds which is liable to be deducted u/s 195. Now he wants remit that money abroad from his NRO account to foreign bank. Since the tds is not deducted ; he paid all the tax liability on capital gain by way of advance tax. Now the bank wants 15CB certificate. In certificate; tds rate & tds amount is required to be mention. There is no point in 15CB to fill advance tax details. In such case how a 15CB is required to be issue? Surcharge is not applicable to him but as per sec. 195 surcharge is also required to be deduct. Surcharge is not included in advance tax. Please reply.
Thanks in advance.