158bc block assessment opted vsvs by assessee

ajeet singh (1390 Points)

22 May 2022  
assessment order under 158bc (set aside by itat) was passed on 12.12.2019 assessed income of 550000/- and demand of 330000/- . At the time of this order being block assessment the order was passed manually and no credit was given of tax paid 1400000/- . Later on the assessee submit 154 application for allowing credit of tax already paid and also filed appeal against the assessment order. Meanwhile the AO passed 154 order allowing tax credit and refund of excess tax paid alongwith 244a int. about 6lkh total refund of rs 16lkh. (however the refund was not credited due to challan paid for block period were not for a single a.y. in the system). Later on the assessee opted vsvs and subsequently form no 5 is issued to assessee. Now the question arises about the 244A interest which under vsvs is not applicable. So how to proceed further from asseee view