12 Best Ideas for Being Successful

CA Akshay Kumar Mishra (Chartered Accountant ) (1784 Points)

14 September 2010  

12 Best Ideas for Being Successful


1. Set specific goals and action steps, and write them down. The single most important step in getting somewhere is knowing where you're going and having a plan for getting there. Your goals have to be written out, and so does your plan.

Be specific, date each goal and each step on your action plan. Then follow it.

2. Read and review your goals daily. This one could change your life. Keep your goals in front of you. Always know what you plan to do next. And always take the action your plan calls for. Review your goals, review your plan, change them as necessary, and stay with it. It only takes two or three minutes each morning to read your goals and glance over your plans. You're going to spend the next 24 hours that day doing something; you might as well be doing something that counts.

3.Set daily priorities. Your goals and action plan will tell you what to do. Next, put your priorities in order. If you make a list, keep it short.

4.Change your old programs by learning new Self-Talk. Get rid of any old mental programs that could be holding you back. Listen to Self-Talk, practice it, and get it right. Your programs will determine whether you reach your goal or not.

5.Turn off the television. The less television you watch, the more successful you will be. Most television wastes your time, while it programs your mind with the wrong input to be successful. Do your future and your family a favor. As much as you can, break the habit, spend your time doing something of value, and turn the television OFF.

6.Practice, every day, keeping a positive attitude. Your attitude actually affects the biochemistry of your brain. A bad attitude turns your success switches "off." A good attitude turns them "on." Never listen to the negative opinions of others, and make the choice to eliminate negativity from your life--completely. A good attitude is not an accident; it is a habit and a skill that you have to build for yourself. Practice going through life with your success switches being turned "on."

7.Associate with people who are more successful than you are. We become most like the people we spend our time with most. Seek out the successful people; people of quality, honor, integrity, and achievement. Spend time with them in person. Listen to them on tape. Or read their stories in books. We get the most from the people who have the most to give.

8.Live your life based on "values." Your values are the pages on which the story of your life will be written. Practice the values of honesty, integrity, trust, determination, compassion, patience, personal responsibility, the willingness to work, and the courage to endure. All lasting success is built on positive values.

9.Practice your faith. In the lives of people who are truly successful in every way, you will always find a foundation of faith. If you want to live your life at your best, practice your faith. Not just an hour a week. Every day.

10.Make the choice to believe in yourself and in your future. Believing in yourself is a choice. The people who are the most successful learn to tell themselves they can do it. Practice believing in yourself. Practice telling yourself you can do it; no matter how difficult, no matter what it takes. You've got what it takes. You can do it! You are capable of more than you have ever imagined! Now tell yourself that.

11.Do at least two things each day to improve yourself. This is one of the top ideas on every achiever's list of how to be successful. If you want to get more successful, you have to learn more. Each day, think of two simple things you can do to improve yourself that day. Set some goals about this one. Take small steps. Read something. Listen to something new. Learn something. If you want your life to get better, you have to start by improving yourself, first.

12.Never quit. Never Stop. Never give up! If you want to be successful at anything, be determined, persevere, stay with it, refuse to give in, don't hesitate, don't hold back, and don't quit until the job is done. If it hasn't worked yet, try harder. If you haven't reached your goal, focus your sights, visualize the outcome, recommit to making it, start again, take action, stay with it, and never, ever, give up!\