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Always there to help u.

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Accounts, Service tax & Direct Tax related quest.Also guide on career perspectives.

    My area of expertise
    Income Tax & Service Tax, Accounts

    My experience in the area (years):
    11 Years

    Organizations I belong to:
    CA Ratanpal Jain & Co for past 6yrs. Aravali College for Past 2 yrs New Look Girls College for past 6 yrs. RG's Destiny Commerce Classes for past 7 yrs

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials: CA Final appearing Pursuing Diploma in Journal & Mass Communication

    Award & Honors:
    Gargi Award

  • Srikanth Tiwari says : FORGET TO UPLOAD HSN SUMMARY
    Sir I have forget to upload HSN SUMMARY in gst 1 What we have to do

  • ntc pioneer says : It
    Dear Sir How much is the tax relief in the case of the following scenario ? Fy 23-24 Gross income-10 lakhs Deductions-pf 1 lakh and housing loan 1.5 lakhs and standard deduction 50000 Gross total of arrears of fy 22-23 received in fy 23-24-4 lakhs Deduction of pf from arrears-1 lakh Fy 22-23 Gross income-7 lakhs Deductions-50000 pf and 50000 standard deduction Old regime is opted in both the years

  • radhika poddar says : Tds refund application
    Dear ma'am Can you please share draft format of undertaking to be submitted along with tds refund application

  • Nirav Baria says : balance sheet format for doctor
    hello maam can u send me format on below email id

  • Yaiphaba says : INC09
    DSC not attached for PAN *** in INC9. Please help.

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