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taxindiaconnect @ gmail.com

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Queries on direct tax issues including TDS, Withholding tax, international tax, Fringe benefit tax or wealth tax, transfer pricing ranging from taxation of individules firms, companies and other assessees

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    Income Tax, Transfer Pricing and International Tax

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    Not Yet Published

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    B.com FCA

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  • Member (Account Deleted) says : Bank Guarantee Available for Discounting
    Dear Sir I have a Bank Guarantee of 10 CR INR issuer Bank : State Bank of India and looking for discounting . Please advise if I can avail your services in relevance Warm Regards Ravvinder Whatsapp : + 91 8500886060

  • karthik says : When is NO PE declaration reqd
    Dear Sir, can u pl tel me when is NO PE(permanent establishment) declaration is to be obtained from foreign co

  • Sahil Agrawal says :
    Dear Sir, I need your help very urgent... One of My client(Partnership Firm) Paid interest on Unsecured Loan and not deducting TDS also he did not submitted 15G form to CIT office . Now the file was selected for scrutny case and AO May Disallowed this expenses. Please suggest me whether the interest allowable and any case law based on upon this and Is penalty Levied on Non submission of 15G form Please E Mail your suggestion in follwing email id: casahilagrawal@gmail.com

  • kapil says : advance tax
    can company advance tax paid on interest earn on fdr during construciton period

  • swapna says : fbt
    thank you for giving suggestion for challan rect

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