Certification course on Balance Sheet Finalisation

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Students's queries, articleship, exam, accounts, income tax, wealth tax, excise, service tax, amendments (clarifications), logical reasoning, law interpretation, share market queries, how to invest etc

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    Audit, income tax, accounts, excise & company law

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    3 years

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    Mahajan Doshi & Associates, CA Firm

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    B. Com & C.A. Final 1st group

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  • reena says : capital work in progress
    when we incur expenditure on a/c of workshop or building undergoing construction(i.e.capital work in progress) we pass entry party dr to bank until amount is transferred to cap wip we show for scedule VI the amount as capital advances under long term loans & advances. then when we transfer to capital work in progress capital work in progress dr to party my question is when shall we pass the 2nd entry.Is there any criteria upon which we transfer amount to cap wip. Please revert back. It's urgent.

  • Pravee Haridas says : Prov for bad debts and Provision for doubtful debt
    http://www.caclubindia.com/experts/bad-debts-509075.asp Here u mentioned that prov for bad and bad debts are same. I need clarification on the following points. 1. A debt which is bad how can it be doubtful. 2. Many time we use Prov for bad debts and prov for doubtful debts as synonyms, then when we join them its has to be BAD or Doubtful not bad and doubtful 3.Is there any diff between Prov for bad debts n prov for doubtful debts. 4.What happens when prov bad debts and prov for doubtful debts is given in problem 5.As i know practically Prov for doubtful debts is the right term to use, as Prov for bad debts are created when there certain bad debts whose account you dont want to close by writing off. To keep track of those accounts u create Provision against it and keep the drs accounts live. 6. I confirmed with many authors that there is diff btw prov for bad debts n prov for doubtful debts but non of the accounts books consist a problem differentiating the same. i am waiting for ur logical reply as i am young teacher, even i had a big fight with my senior on this issue

  • Harshita Pahuja says : audit
    Case Study-firm name=ABC, where A, B, and C are partners. A, B, and C are chartered accountants holding certificate of practice. B is also a partner in firm XBY where X and Y are also chartered accountant holding certificate of practice. Also B does practice as a CA in his own identity. Now C purchased an equity share of reliance company. Therefore can B become an auditor of reliance company, and can firm XBY become an auditor of Reliance company ?

  • rishabh kumar baid says : Industrial Training
    Can you tell me everything about Industrial Training....I mean what are the rules and provisions regarding the aforesaid....

  • Rajesh says : EPS calculation!!!Urgent Sir!!!
    Please tell me can we deduct these things also from the Net Profit as per P&L A/c 1)Deferred Tax Liability (If there is deferred tax asset should we have to add?) 2)Dividend Distribution Tax With regards, Rajesh

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