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Eway Bill

e way bill

We purchase cement from manufacturer to be delivered to third party on different destination. They issued tax invoice in our name and e way bill under transaction type' bill to- ship to. After that we issued tax invoice in the name of our party. Our query is weather after that we should generate e way bill, in transaction type 'bill from- deliver from' or e way bill not required at our e..

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FAQ by NIC on Blocking of EWay Bill Facility

Recently NIC has hosted few FAQ on their website on blocking and unblocking of EWAY Bill . Read the Press release by clicking here Recently post 1st December 2019 many taxpayers had complained that ..

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No Eway bill w.e.f. 21st June 2019, if GST returns of last 2 months are pending

A new rule 138E was inserted by the Govt vide its notification no 74/2018 dated 13.12.2018, which has salient features as follows:- 1. If the GST returns for the last 2 months have not been furnished by the regular dealer or 2. If the GST returns for last 2 quarters have not been furnished..

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EWay bill option for moving Goods without GST number

On the GST Portal, there is an option of E-Way Bill for Citizens. For whom this option is useful? Let us understand which the help of a story. Mr. Hardik is the owner of the small clothes shop. Being a supplier he wants to transport clothes from Maharashtra to another..

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Enhancement in the Eway bill portal from 16th Nov

1. Checking of duplicate generation of e-way bills based on same invoice number- The e-way bill system is enabled not to allow the consignor/supplier to generate the duplicate e-way bills based on his one document. Here, the system checks for duplicate based on the consignor GSTIN, document type and document number..

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Eway bill generation changes from November 2018

Changes in E way Bill Generation System Proposed to be implemented from 16.11.2018 1. Checking of duplicate generation of e-way bills based on same invoice number The e-way bill system is enabled not to ..

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FAQ on Eway bill system

What should I do if I don't have 'Transporter Id' but want to enter and generate 'Part-A slip'? This is not possible as per rule 138(3). If the taxpayer is not having the details of 'Transporter Id' but he still wants to enter and generate the 'Part-A Slip', then he has to compulsorily enter the 'Transporter Id' to..

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Eway bill - A critical analysis

Introduction: The way bill system is not new to trade and industry, but the talk of a way bill only ruffles feathers. What is e-way bill? Why e-way bill? Why are check posts required? Do you require e- way bill for movement of goods within the States? What happens when movement of goods are not accompanied by way b..

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Multi-vehicle option for eWay bill

Multi-Vehicle Option for the e-Way bill has been introduced wherein the consignment of one e-way bill has to be moved in multiple vehicles, after moving to transhipment place. For example, an e-way bill is generated and needs to be moved from A to C. Here, the consignment moves from A to B via Rail or bigger vehicle. Now, it is not..

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Intra state eWay bill roll out in Punjab,Tamil Nadu and other states

Roll out of e-Way Bill system for intra-State movement of goods in Chhattisgarh, Goa, Jammu & Kashmir, Mizoram, Odisha, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal As per the decision of the GST Council, e-Way Bill system for inter-State movement of goods has been rolled out from 01st April, 2018. As on 30t..

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Eway bill for Rajasthan and offline tool for Form GSTR 6 released

E-Way Bill generation for the intra-state movement of goods now launched in Rajasthan. Offline tool for Form GSTR-6 is now available on GST Portal <img class="img-responsive img-fluid" src=""..

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Top 10 states generating Eway bills


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Compulsion of Eway bill in Maharashtra !

Arjuna (Fictional Character): Krishna, It is decided to make E-way bill applicable from 1st May in Maharashtra. So what will be the impact of this? Krishna (Fictional Character):&nbsp;Arjuna, E-way bill is an electronic document generated on the GST portal evidencing movement of goods. After the ap..

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Top states in terms of Eway bill generated

Gujarat is the state with maximum number of E-Way bills generation from 1st April to 22nd April 2018. Maximum number of E-Way Bills are generated between&nbsp;5 PM to 7 PM&nbsp;on a daily basis. 31.52% of the total E-Way Bills are generated in these 2 hours. A statistical report of E-Way Bill ge..

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Roll out of Eway bill in Madhya Pradesh and other states from 25th April

As per the decision of the GST Council, e-Way Bill system for&nbsp; Inter-State movement of goods has been rolled - out from 01st&nbsp;April 2018. As on 20th&nbsp;April 2018, e-Way Bill system for&nbsp; Intra-State movement of goods has been rolled-out in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, ..

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