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Annual Policy Statement for the year 2010-11 - Opening of Off-site ATMs by Primary (Urban) Cooperative banks-Liberalisation

 Notice Date : 04 May 2010

Annual Policy Statement for the year 2010-11 - Opening of Off-site ATMs by Primary (Urban) Cooperative banks-Liberalisation

UBD.CO.LS.Cir.No. 64 /07.01.000/2009-10

May 04, 2010

All Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks

Dear Sir/Madam

Annual Policy Statement for the year 2010-11-
Opening of Off-site ATMs by Primary (Urban) Cooperative banks-Liberalisation

Please refer to para 85 of the Annual Policy Statement 2010-11 (copy enclosed) in terms of which, it has been decided to allow well managed UCBs to set up off-site ATMs without seeking approval through the Annual Business Plans.

2.  Accordingly, the instructions/guidelines contained in Master circular UBD.BL(PCB)MC.No.14/07.01.000/2009-10 dated July 1, 2009 and circular UBD.CO.LS.Cir.No.52/07.01.000/2009-10 dated June 16, 2008 have been reviewed and it has been decided that approvals for opening off site ATMs in respect of such UCBs will henceforth be considered outside Annual Business Plans, subject to:

i)  Maintenance of a minimum CRAR of 10% on a continuous basis with minimum owned funds commensurate with entry point capital norms for the centre where the off-site ATM is proposed/where the bank is registered

ii)   Net NPAs being less than 5%

iii)  No default in the maintenance of CRR/SLR during the preceding financial year

iv)  Continuous net profit for the last three years

v) Sound internal control system with at least two professional directors on the board and

vi) Regulatory comfort based on inter alia, track record of compliance with the provisions of Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (AACS), RBI Act, 1934 and the instructions/directions issued by RBI from time to time.

3.   UCBs, satisfying the above mentioned norms may prepare an application for opening Off-site Automated Teller Machines, as per their requirement, in their existing area of operation, with the approval of their Board of Directors and submit the same, in duplicate, along with Annexes I, II, III and IV to the respective Regional Offices of Reserve Bank of India.

4.  All other instructions on functional facilities provided at off-site ATMs, inter-account transfer, telephone connection between the ‘stand alone ’ATMs with branch ATMs and Shared Payment Network System, posting of person other than security guard, sharing/interlinking of ATMS, etc. contained in our Master circular dated July 01, 2009 remain unchanged.

Yours faithfully

Chief General Manager

Encl. as above

Annual Policy Statement for the year 2010-11

85. Liberalisation of Off-site ATMs by UCBs

Under the extant policy of branch authorization, UCBs, which are well-managed and meet the regulatory criteria, are required to submit annual business plans, based on which centres are allotted to them according to their choice of opening of branches.  Centres where UCBs desire to open off-site ATMs are also required to be included in their annual business plan.  In order to further improve the banking infrastructure, it has been decided to liberalise the approach to setting up of off-site ATMs by UCBs. Accordingly, it is proposed:

  • to allow well-managed UCBs to set up off-site ATMs  without seeking approval through the Annual Business Plans.


1.   Name and address of the bank

2.   Licence No. and date of licence

3.  Area of Operation (as approved by RBI)

4.  Whether bank has an elected Board of Directors?

5.   If so, whether there are two professional directors?

6.   No. of existing branches (List of branches to be annexed), their location and the population of the centre where the branch is located as per latest census

7.   No. of existing extension counters (List to be annexed) with address

8.  No. of existing Off Site ATMs (List to be annexed) with address

9.  Whether there were / are any default in CRR/SLR (If yes, give details and the  reasons for the same)


Financial Position as per audited balance sheet (latest)

(Rs. lakhs)

Name of the bank:



As at the end of March of the year


Share capital












Loans and Advances



Percentage of priority sector advances to the outstanding loans and advances



Credit Deposit Ratio



Net profit






Gross NPAs@



Net NPAs@



Provisions made towards NPAs as per RBI guidelines@



Net Worth


@ Certificate from the Statutory Auditors to be enclosed


Name of the bank:

Board Resolution approving the plan of action for opening Off Site ATMs
and the particulars of centres at which the bank proposes to Off Site ATMs

Name of the centre
with address and Pincode No.

Population of the

Name of the district

Whether the proposed centre, is within bank's area of operation

Note: Indicate briefly the benefits expected to accrue by way of installation of ATMs, cost involved, etc.


Name of the bank:

1.  Technology implementation

     a. No. of branches fully computerised
     b. No. of branches with net work connectivity
     c. No. of branches with Core Banking Solution (CBS)

The bank may also submit a brief write-up on the existing technological infrastructure, various technology initiatives undertaken and the proposed enhancement/upgradation of technology for achieving its business goals in the medium term.

2. Any other information



on 05 May 2010
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