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ICAI launched Practice Management Software for CA Practitioners & CA Firms

Last updated: 24 January 2023

On 21st January 2023, ICAI launched a free software in relation to task management or office management for its members in practice. The software is aimed at making the management of tasks, documents, accounts, clients, communication and employees easier. The software is available to the Chartered Accountants, on registration in the website cacloud.ca.in, deployed by ICAI for the purpose. The software aims at providing 15+ integrated features, Workflow Automation, Web & Mobile Platform, Bank-Grade Security, Complete Onboarding and Training.

ICAI launched Practice Management Software for CA Practitioners and CA Firms

Some of the key features of the software are as under

  • Task management module.
  • Document management module.
  • Account management.
  • Client management module.
  • Employee management module.
  • Generation of all intermediate reports with all aspects.
  • Processing of data from receiving of users to concern procedures and generation of final reports.

Heading over to the registration link, CAs can now register with their ICAI Membership Number to avail access to the software. Some additional information like: 

  • Region (mandatory),
  • Number of Users/Employees in the Firm,
  • Name of IT Professional of the Firm for handling the software in the Firm (mandatory),
  • Contact Number of the IT Professional of the Firm  (mandatory).
  • Whether your firm needs the help of a support executive for the deployment of the Software?
  • Start Date and Time of the Implementation of Practice Management Software in your Firm and Other remarks

Are also required to be filled in order to complete the registration.

The team behind the software also promises to transfer your data to the practice management software with no extra cost. A comprehensive training on the software (without any extra cost) is also assured by the team.

For further details of the PMS, professionals can now contact pms.helpdesk@icai.in or reach the official help desk number at 9772289444. One may also write to the Committee for Members in Practice at cmp@icai.in

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