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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) was seized of five cases against Chartered Accountants who have been found advising/guiding in a manner encouraging money laundering during the currency Demonetisation period. The Board of Discipline (BOD) of ICAI, has completed its inquiry in four out of five cases and found the respective Chartered Accountants guilty having brought disrepute to the profession thereby violating the applicable provisions of the Chartered Accountants Act. After concluding inquiries in these cases, the BOD of ICAI has imposed the maximum penalty upon all four erring Chartered Accountants envisaged under the Chartered Accountants Act. 

The Board, keeping in view the severity of the allegations, completed the proceedings in the shortest possible time and has awarded maximum penalty under the CA Act upon the erring Chartered Accountants,  highlighting that involvement of any Chartered Accountant in such activities will be dealt with strictly. 

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