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Hyderabad YouTube Lecturer Arrested for Defrauding Chartered Accountants of Rs 2.48 Crore

Last updated: 28 February 2024

The Hyderabad police have apprehended Srinath Rathi, a 29-year-old individual running a YouTube channel, on charges of defrauding chartered accountants to the tune of Rs 2.48 crore. Rathi, leveraging his YouTube platform, allegedly lured the victims with promises of lucrative investment returns, only to vanish after collecting substantial sums of money.

Modus Operandi and Police Statement

According to CCS inspector D. Bikshapathi, Rathi exploited his YouTube channel, where he delivered lectures on accounting, to establish credibility and gain the trust of chartered accountants. The accused purportedly swindled over 10 victims in Hyderabad, offering them false assurances and returning nominal amounts initially before severing all contact.

Hyderabad YouTube Lecturer Arrested for Defrauding Chartered Accountants of Rs 2.48 Crore

Victim Testimony

A victim, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that he discovered Rathi through his YouTube channel and developed a rapport with him over time. Initially, Rathi fulfilled his promises of returns, but the situation took a drastic turn when he requested an additional sum of Rs 10 lakh for a purported gold investment. Despite the victim's trust, Rathi ceased communication, prompting the victim to lodge a complaint.

Widespread Impact and Concerns

The victim's account sheds light on the extent of Rathi's fraudulent activities, with multiple complaints surfacing at the Hyderabad CCS police station. Chartered accountants who fell prey to Rathi's schemes express concern over the substantial amounts they invested and their hopes for justice in the matter.

Legal Proceedings and Hope for Resolution

With Rathi in police custody and complaints mounting against him, affected individuals anxiously await legal proceedings to seek redress for their losses. The case underscores the importance of due diligence and vigilance in financial transactions, especially in the digital age where online platforms can be exploited for fraudulent activities.


The arrest of Srinath Rathi serves as a cautionary tale highlighting the risks associated with fraudulent investment schemes propagated through online platforms. As law enforcement agencies continue their investigation, affected individuals remain hopeful for a resolution to reclaim their lost investments and hold perpetrators of financial fraud accountable.

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