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GSTR-3B linked with GSTR-1 to make filing easier

Posted on 04 September 2020,    
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The GSTN has notified that filing of GSTR-3B has been made much easier now. System computed GSTR-3B (Table-3 for liabilities) on the basis of GSTR-1 filed by taxpayers is now available on the GST portal for monthly GSTR-1 filers. The GSTN also notified on the following points:

1. The system will compute and generate PDF mentioning liability, few minutes after monthly GSTR-1 has been filed.

2. The facility is currently available for monthly filers and not for quarterly GSTR-1 filers. It will also be available for quarterly GSTR-1 filers in due course.

GSTR3B filing made easier

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