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GST Officials Conduct Raids on 18 Resorts and 15 Water Parks Statewide

Last updated: 18 June 2024

In a significant crackdown on tax evasion, state GST officials have conducted raids at 18 resorts in the Gir Somanath and Dwarka districts, uncovering suspicious transactions worth Rs 16.29 crore. These resorts have been accused of not depositing GST despite charging tourists, and engaging in under-the-table dealings to evade tax payments.

Details of the Raids and Findings

During the raids, it was discovered that resort managements were failing to deposit GST collected from tourists. Additionally, these establishments were found to be renting out rooms and other facilities without issuing proper bills, opting to collect payments in cash to avoid GST obligations.

A source within the GST department stated, "Further investigations are underway as documentary evidence of massive unaccounted transactions has been found during the initial probe. The officers found that the resort managers were evading taxes by taking tax credits that were not legally due."

GST Officials Conduct Raids on 18 Resorts and 15 Water Parks Statewide

Extending the Investigation to Water Parks

The investigation also extended to 15 water parks in the region, where shady transactions amounting to Rs 64 crore were detected. The GST department’s swift action has shed light on a broader network of tax evasion practices among leisure and hospitality businesses.

Seizure of Funds

In addition to uncovering fraudulent transactions, officials seized Rs 7 crore during the raids. This seizure underscores the scale of tax evasion being perpetrated by these businesses, further highlighting the need for stringent regulatory oversight.

Ongoing Investigations

The GST department is continuing its investigations to gather more evidence and identify all individuals involved in these illegal activities. The discovery of unaccounted transactions and illegal tax credits suggests a widespread issue that the authorities are determined to address.

Impact on the Hospitality Sector

This crackdown sends a clear message to the hospitality sector about the importance of compliance with tax regulations. It also highlights the GST department’s commitment to ensuring that businesses adhere to legal financial practices, thereby protecting the revenue interests of the state.


The recent raids by state GST officials have revealed extensive tax evasion practices among resorts and water parks in the Gir Somanath and Dwarka districts. With ongoing investigations and significant funds already seized, the authorities are taking decisive steps to clamp down on these illicit activities. Businesses in the hospitality sector are urged to comply with tax regulations to avoid severe penalties and legal action.

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