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Famous Ice-Cream Brands from Surat Under SGST Scanner for Cash Transactions

Last updated: 08 June 2024

The State Goods and Service Tax (SGST) department in Surat has delved into the financial dealings of renowned ice-cream brands, including Bismillah and 51-Rainbow, unearthing serious irregularities.

Famous Ice-Cream Brands from Surat Under SGST Scanner for Cash Transactions

Key Points

  • Bismillah's Alleged Transgressions: SGST officials discovered over 30 operating outlets of Bismillah's 'B'Creamy' franchise in Surat, many lacking formal agreements with the parent company.
  • 51-Rainbow's Involvement: Similar findings implicated 51-Rainbow, with substantial cash transactions amounting to Rs 50 lakh uncovered by SGST officials.
  • Cash Transactions Unearthed: Investigations revealed that both Bismillah and 51-Rainbow evaded significant GST payments through cash transactions, totaling Rs 1.50 crore and Rs 50 lakh, respectively.
  • Impact on GST Revenue: These clandestine dealings have adversely affected GST revenue, emphasizing the necessity for stricter enforcement and oversight.
  • 'B'Creamy' Franchises Operating Without Agreements: The discovery of numerous 'B'Creamy' outlets operating without formal agreements raises concerns regarding accountability and regulatory compliance.
  • PetPooja Billing Software Under Scrutiny: The widespread use of PetPooja billing software in Gujarat establishments, allegedly facilitating bill deletions, further exacerbates the issue of tax evasion.


The SGST investigation into ice-cream giants Bismillah and 51-Rainbow underscores the imperative for enhanced regulatory measures to curb tax evasion and uphold fiscal integrity within the industry.

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