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Wrote on 24 June 2017  

Even if the implementation date postponed, the same problems will exist. Better today than tomorrow. Any change definitely gives initial problem and normal objection . We have the capacity to handle it. Let to implement it as scheduled.

y kumar
Wrote on 22 June 2017  

If we consider the suggestions of BCAS, GST implementation will take life time. There are views and suggestions based, simply on area basis and conveniences. We are not at all trying to forge ahead of slackness and non-willingness of payment of taxes, which are legitimately payable. This has hindered our country's progress and the welfare of our society. Atleast now we will wake-up and proceed to financially healthy , with allround growth to stand tall in world economy.

Wrote on 18 June 2017  

agree sir.

dombaya Shettigar
Wrote on 16 June 2017  

GST has so many issues like billing, credits etc . still it is not cleared , hence it should be implemented next financial year 2018-19.

Wrote on 16 June 2017  

Still GST is in finalising stage. There is much confusion among small traders and businessman.

Wrote on 15 June 2017  

Yes, GST should be implemented from 1st Jan 18 if FY is Jan-Dec, or from 1st Apr 18 if FY is Apr-Mar. there are so many issues still to register/migration with GSTIN.

e.filer B.Com/ Hyderabad
Wrote on 14 June 2017  

Well explained. Well addressed. BUT TO...whom... a person who demonetised currency notes without making alternative arrangements. Cinema people gain from negative publicity / criticism. Like them who cricised him are NOT PATRIOTIC....!!!!

Wrote on 14 June 2017  

Remember when Govt implemented VAT , how much criticism it faced. I know VAT alone cannot be compared with GST , learning is never ending process , remember exams how much time we get until we pass them it seem to be very less. So friends accept it one day it has to be implemented , every time is right time.

Wrote on 14 June 2017  

Govt is planning to make financial year as January- December mode. Then why not implement GST on 1st of January as new Financial Year . Hope it's more preferable.

Wrote on 14 June 2017  

Sir, 1st July is certainly not a feasible proposition. We should ensure the public will embrace the new law with a great sense of pride and acceptance ! As professionals we are all very eager to make the implementation of GST a great success. I feel, 1st September should be ideal, the least should be 1st August but certainly not 1st July. Modiji and Jaitelyji, looking forward to your positive response. Namaskar !

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