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Biocon Faces Rs 3 Crore Penalty Over GST Reporting Errors

Last updated: 24 February 2024

Biocon Ltd, a leading biopharmaceutical company, disclosed in a regulatory filing that it has been served with an order of adjudication, imposing a penalty of Rs 3,03,78,465. The penalty, dated February 22, 2024, originates from the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Divisional GST Office, Bangalore. The company outlined that the demand primarily stems from discrepancies related to input tax credit reporting errors, denial of input tax credit on certain expenditures, valuation issues under GST with respect to corporate guarantee, and denial of exemption on export of services.

Details of the Penalty

According to Biocon's regulatory filing, the penalty is attributed to various infractions identified during the scrutiny of its GST monthly returns. The company has been accused of erroneous reporting of input tax credits, particularly concerning sales and promotional expenditures. Additionally, issues regarding the valuation of transactions under corporate guarantee and the denial of exemption on exported services have contributed to the penalty.

Biocon Faces Rs 3 Crore Penalty Over GST Reporting Errors

Response from Biocon

In response to the adjudication order, Biocon asserted that it is actively pursuing appropriate actions to address the situation. The company stated that it is in the process of taking necessary steps, including the filing of appeals with the appellate authority, to contest the penalty imposed by the Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes. Biocon emphasized its commitment to resolving the matter through legal recourse while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Impact on Financials and Operations

Despite the substantial penalty imposed, Biocon affirmed that there would be no material impact on its financials, operations, or other activities. The company reassured stakeholders that it maintains robust financial health and operational resilience to withstand such regulatory challenges. Biocon's regulatory filing aims to provide transparency to investors and stakeholders regarding the ongoing adjudication process and its potential implications.


Biocon's disclosure of the penalty imposed by the Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes underscores the regulatory complexities faced by businesses operating in a dynamic regulatory environment. The company's proactive approach in addressing the issue through legal avenues reflects its commitment to compliance and accountability. As Biocon navigates through the appeals process, stakeholders will closely monitor developments to gauge the potential impact on the company's financial performance and regulatory standing.

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