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Augmenting Foreign Direct Investment Inflows

Posted on 21 January 2010,    
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Augmenting Foreign Direct Investment Inflows

The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows have shown an increasing trend on year to year basis since the financial year 2004-05 until the financial year 2008-09. The details of FDI equity inflows during April 2004 to September 2009, financial year-wise, are as under:


(Amount in million)


S. No                Year (Apr-Mar)             FDI (in Rs.)                   FDI (in US $)


1                      2004-05                         146,527.25                    3,218.69

2                      2005-06                         245,843.72                    5,539.72

3                      2006-07                         563,902.20                    12,491.77

4                      2007-08                         986,420.89                    24,575.43

5                      2008-09                         1,230,248.80                 27,330.82

6                      2009-10 (Apr-Sep)          741,827.83                    15,272.04

                                    Grand Total                   3,914,770.69                 88,428.46


             The Government of India regularly undertakes investment promotion activities through organisation of ‘Destination India’ and ‘Invest India’ events in various countries with FDI potential to create awareness about the investment climate and opportunities in India, as well as to provide support to potential investors. The Government of India also continues to make efforts to increase economic cooperation with the developing as well as developed countries through different fora such as Joint Commissions/Joint Committee and business/ investment meets between Indian and foreign entrepreneurs to stimulate foreign investment into India. Under the liberalized economic environment, investment, decisions of investors are based on the macro-economic policy framework, the investment climate in the host country, investment policies of trans-national corporations and other commercial considerations. 



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