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324 Businesses Under Scrutiny for Tax Evasion in 'Bill Leyao, Inaam Pao' Initiative

Last updated: 24 February 2024

The taxation authority has intensified its efforts to curb tax evasion and enforce compliance with Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations. In a recent development, notices have been issued to 324 businesses and retailers suspected of dodging taxes and violating GST provisions. This crackdown follows the implementation of the 'Bill Leyao, Inaam Pao' initiative, which encourages consumers to demand receipts for their purchases and report non-compliant vendors to the tax department.

Background of the Initiative

The 'Bill Leyao, Inaam Pao' initiative was launched on August 22 of the previous year with the primary objective of combating GST evasion and enhancing tax compliance. Under this initiative, consumers are urged to submit bills and receipts from their purchases to the tax department. Complaints were also raised against vendors who failed to issue proper documentation for transactions. The initiative aims to bolster state finances by reducing tax evasion and improving transparency in commercial transactions.

324 Businesses Under Scrutiny for Tax Evasion in  Bill Leyao, Inaam Pao  Initiative

Findings and Actions Taken

Darvir Raj, the Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner for State Taxes, revealed that discrepancies were identified in 324 instances upon scrutinizing the bills and receipts submitted by consumers. Notices have been dispatched to the concerned merchants and shopkeepers based on these findings. Out of the total fines imposed, amounting to Rs 1.03 crore, Rs 67.24 lakh has already been collected by the tax department. Additionally, four companies found to be operating without GST registration have been compelled to register under the GST Act, highlighting the stringent enforcement measures adopted by the authorities.

Incentives for Consumers

As part of the initiative, consumers are incentivized to participate in reporting non-compliant vendors. Those holding receipts for purchases of Rs 200 or more can enroll in the scheme and upload their receipts online via the newly introduced Mera Bill app. Participants stand a chance to win cash rewards of up to Rs 50,000 through a draw, with the prize value calculated at five times the taxable value of the purchased item.


The crackdown on tax evasion and GST breaches underscores the government's commitment to ensuring fiscal discipline and fairness in the taxation system. Through initiatives like 'Bill Leyao, Inaam Pao,' the tax department aims to foster a culture of transparency and accountability among businesses and consumers alike. As enforcement actions intensify and compliance measures strengthen, stakeholders are reminded of the importance of adhering to tax regulations to avoid penalties and contribute to the nation's economic integrity.

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