Enhancement of article seats to take 45 more days.

Enhanced Articled Assistant Entitlements and related matters
Vide Notification bearing no.1-CA(7)/102/ 2007(E) dated 26th April, 2007, objections/suggesti ons were solicited on the draft amendments proposed in the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, upto 11th June, 2007 pertaining to said subject matters. Accordingly, objections/suggesti ons have been received. In terms of the established procedure to be followed, these objections/suggesti ons are to be considered at the Institute level and, thereafter, the final Notification, with or without any modification in the provisions exposed as aforesaid, needs to be approved by the Central Government. This process is expected to be completed by 31st July, 2007. As such, the final Notification on the subject is not expected prior to the said tentative date of 31st July, 2007. Members and Students and all others concerned are therefore requested to kindly bear with us during the interregnum. It is pertinent to mention that in case the final Notification is
brought into force prior to 31st July, 2007, the same will be duly hosted on the website

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