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Youth - Is It All About Bikes, Beer and Drugs

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Ganisht (CA Final) (196 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

thanks pulkit

good article


i think this movie "no one killed jessica" left a strong impact on u...lol.....btw nice article....gud work buddy....keep it up.....:)

Swapnil Jain (Finance - FP&A) (564 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

it is the need of the day for today's youth to understand that it's not all about money, girls and attitude....... it's about your parents....before doing all such nuisance one must feel that what situation their parents will face due to all such things.......

Bharath (C.A,C.S) (3983 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011


CA MAULIK (C.A) (937 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

NICE onE...

i knw that western culture has a big effect on INDIAN YOUTH,,,bt also adopt the best out of western culture,,,viz...time management ,,traffic rules,,,cleanliness........etc if we wnat to see as a SHINING INDIA than we have to change ourselves first than others ,,if every indian understands it,,then automatically youth will change and will adopt good habits..........thax

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

First of all I am really sorry for late reply on ur valuable comments as I was busy in compiling the good posts of other members in the form of forum...

I am really happy to see the response given to this serious and hard hitting article of mine and I am indebted to Khushboo who provided the base of this concept and asked me to write on this...

@ Surendra Sir- Yes it is affecting our culture

@ Rahul--Thx for adding utility to my post

@ Balu Sir-Very true words Sir

@ Imran - Thx for raising an imp. issue of Andhra

@ Sneha sunshine --Yaar ye modernisation nahi pagal pan hai

@ Vikash - Actually their parents are also helpless on this issue

@ Khushboo - Very shocking incident sis

@ Sneha chajjer -- Bilkul sahi.  Dikhave pe mat jao apni akal lagao

@ Mandar -- I totally agree with ur thoughts

@ Resham - very true

@ Preeti - Yes No One Killed Jessica is indeed a very good movie showing reality of youth

@ Swapnil -- Yes they need to understand the imp. of parents

@ MAulik -- Very good thinking

CA.Pravinchandra (Executive (F&A)) (2387 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

Excellent Post, Pulkit..

"Aadmi ko uncha banna hai to apne thoughts se bano na ki in cheezo se... " Kya bath kaha hai tum ne..Wonderfull, Thank you very much.


Unnikuttan K R (Final Student) (170 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

Super........Thank you..

Nikhil Kothari (CEO at Sequinox Business Advisories)   (4671 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

Very nice atricle yaar.... true said.

"Aadmi ko uncha banna hai to apne thoughts se bano na ki in cheezo se..."

Replied 11 January 2011

very nice pulkit..

 & good lines written by sneha

I have never been able to understand what exactly our youth is doing these days??If this is what you call modernisation then i am very happy to call myself a behenji or jaahil /ganwaar or whatever......i am very thankful to god and my parents for never lettin.
 g me be a part of this new youth culture...


pavel (student) (461 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

thnx a lot pulkit...it was realy vry eye opening article... 


thnxx again 



lakshay (ipcc) (581 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

well i think  its better to have interest in opposite s*x...rather than engaged in beer and drugs ..


and work hard .n achive success so that in future u can select any beautiful gal to marry

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Anurag Agarwal (CA Final, Advocate) (292 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011



CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

@ Robin - Yaar tum jaise logo ko pehle hi keh diya tha ki window close kar do par tab bhi tum jaise log kahan maante ho. Chalo koi baat nahi jaldi seekh jaonge. Bhagwan se kahoonga ki tumhe sadhbudi de. Tum aaj ye isliye keh rahe ho kyunki tumhara koi iss hadson ka shikar nahi rha hai. Bhagwan se prarthna karoonga ki aage bhi aisa na ho.

As far as I remember I didn't sent the link 2 u, then who asked u to read it and comment here ;)!!

 I have already requested non-serious persons like you to close the window but u people never understand it .Hopefully u wl learn how to respect others in future...... 

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