Wrong Instruction from IT Dept

V Anand (Executive) (45 Points)

15 March 2013  

This is an unique problem, and I don't know how many would have faced this.

For purposes of confidentiality, I am forced to give barest but essential details. Pls excuse me for this.

I have filed an IT return, after consulting with auditor. The auditor suggested to file the returns myself as there are very fields to be filled in and the returns and the system is very user friendly.

The IT website has Instructions and Check List on how to fill up the form. Accordingly, following both the Instructions and the Check List given in the website, I had filled in the fields and filed the return.

Now, apparently, it seems one of the instructions given in the above were wrong. And now the IT dept says, I was wrong to have followed the Instructions and Check List. They have not given this in writing, but I have been informed orally.

Do I have to accept that the instructions were wrong and then file a new return ? or Do I have any chance of defending myself successfully ?

I require your kind help on this please !

V Anand