Wrong entries of salary made by employer side on IT portal

Kuldeep Singh (152 Points)

12 July 2022  


I am a state government subordinate employee of DOIT. My parent department deployed me in two places/employer in this financial year 2021-22 where DDO were different in both the places. Our salary is not disburse from parent department only disburse from child departments.

Both the employers have given their respective form16 to me and my gross salary is non taxable but I feel like both have entered wrong entries at income tax portal/government records. I wanted to know whether the entries made from the employer side are right or wrong ?

Gross salary = 6,40,000

Duration = April21 to Oct21
Salary drawn = 3,50,000
Form16 = shown 3,50,000
But when I saw entries on income tax site:
Form 26AS = not shown 3,50,000 ?
AIS/TIS = gross shown 6,50,000 ?

Duration = Nov21 to Mar22
Salary drawn = 2,90,000
Form16 = shown 2,90,000
But when I saw entries on income tax site:
Form 26AS = shown 2,90,000
AIS/TIS = gross shown 6,50,000 ?

My question is only about entries at IT portal and not about tax.