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Will CA Get More Than IIM students....?

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jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

CAs have inferiority complex. and they deserve it

seeker (JUNIOR OFFICER) (227 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010


let us resolve


When we will be in position to recruit We will recruit our brothers there may be many deserving people who could fit into our criteria of our selection.

We will always try to  increase respect  of our profession in society.

 We will never speak low about our profession with outside world.

 When we will be in position to keep article trainees , We will not dominate them to a extent to make them totally submissive personality.

 We would have strong element of alumni with our Institute.

 Whereever we go We will treat a fellow CA as our brother.

 We are the best  Becouse We have been  continously subjected to heat of CA course  for four years and We have cleared those four walls unaided by any body. There was no body to teach no one to guide, We have done it by ourselves cramming those books with resolve to succeed in adversity of uncertainty. There was no class, no teacher, No senior, No mercy chance. Every difficulty was to be faced by ourselves only. Pressure of Family, society, money, No times of hobbies, 10 Hours job and then study. Still we did not lost

We carried on.

 We will always give advantage to our brother in every area of life whereever he requires,

 Each one of us will make it a principle  who ever has traded through this path it does not matter if he has scaled two wall ( Inter ) or four wall is our brother

 Our Networking will be treated as strongest in corporate world.

We are the only one who will be with our parents when they need us whereas most of others are uprooted slaves of desitny.

 We have strong Character, determination and simplicity.

 Let us come together Be proud of our profession, help our fellow brothers, Together we can screw every one.

Do not degrade your profession be comparing with other

Be proud of your self.

 In the end when we will be in position to vote. We will not forget these days. We will not become slave of traditions

 Instead  We will change the system of outdated times, We will give dignity to our profession in the corporate world.

 Our system will not based on  article trainee's Expolitation. It is not Mahabarat period. They will be paid adequately, We will do major changes in curriculum.

 I hope one of us will fulfill these dreams.

 Till then stay positive, be proud of your choosen profession. Which is unique in every manner.

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jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

i wont have any partiality with either mba or CA. i will recruit those who r deserving and not simply on the basis that he slogged for 3 years ticking things, income tax returns and typing minutes.

seeker (JUNIOR OFFICER) (227 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

It is same mundane work which people do every day on the job.

That's why most of them hate their job.

I request you  to stick to your resolve. Please do select C.A when work is of routine nature, as C.A are best in following routine proceedures. and most of coorporate world vacancy will be filled by C.A only.

There is element of  strong networking that favours M.B.A while campus recruitment.


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mb (28 Points)
Replied 03 October 2015

mb (28 Points)
Replied 03 October 2015

ca is nothing but an accountant. worlds top corporations have ceo or cfo from tech or mba backgrounds like vikram pandit, satya nadella or ceo of nokia. any ca or cpa ? to be a cfo in that company you shoul have math brain which sector ca are quite DULL.

Renu Renu (job) (4 Points)
Replied 01 March 2016

comparison of highest salary is absolutely wrong. compare data with 80 % student data who pass CA course and not able to get job in campus placement. struggle after that much hard work. they are dishearted and doing job in small private places. if they put that hardwork in any govt job or MBA entrance definetly get better return. if a student can pass CA exam then he can also get admission in reasonable good MBA college. which give better return to him. accept the reality.

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