Why only we CAs to be in tormented all the time

shanthi (-) (102 Points)

16 January 2014  

how many attempts?why life is showing the worst colours. why only we CA s have to face these all typical situations in our lives?.Attempts go up  at the same time Age is also going up.Why everything is turning to be a Failure ?.

Everytime trying  to start with new energy and with Rock solid faith but everything will be  turnarounded with showing on Webpage A big FATAL FAIL.All our friends and Juniors settling in  life and going abroad with good pay packges .ok we will also pass , but  at that time our Obligations& Responsibilties changes so again  what ? nothing just wasted our wonderfull youth in Reading this Never ending Books like Book worms.

Curtail the passing % at  the time of Entry itself so pity students will see someother source to settledown.After coming  up to Fianl Left with Single group ,with Expiring  Exemptioms ,Finally loosing hope ,loosing Confidnece etc.,

just my feelings with  Beaing a Big Fatal Fail......................