Why are you Proud to be an INDIAN ?

hardik dave (student) (508 Points)

25 January 2011  

Hi Fellow Indians just reply and post Your view that why are you Proud to be Indian ? What makes u love India like crazy ?

I Love India not only for the sake of it being the country where I was born........I love this Country for its Rich Tradition,Heritage that we have in here.

Even in the times of modernisation we do try and follow the Family traditions and Respect to the Elders is in our Blood..I dont think any Indian needs to be taught of this unlike the case in other countries.

There is a lot to write if I have to describe my Love and the feelings that I have towards my country, But at times you fall short of words.

I will conclude saying that My love towards this country is as much as my love towards my Family and I am Proud to be born in this Country and will always be commited towards the Progress and wellbeing of the same.

Jai Hind...................