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Which is best - unemployed after become CA or without became CA?

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Vikash Kumar

Vikash Kumar (Manager Accounts (CA. Final))     21 December 2011

hi kamal,

May be you are right and i can't feel whatever u r feeling. But always remember one thing adding CA in your name does't means loading of partibha.. mere dost utilize ur time fully.. u r so lucky that u got word CA behind ur name. try to add some toup value addition in ur knowledge instead of thinking behind what icai is doing & what should be done.. think positive always....... at right time u will realize it.

Anyway feelings & opinion may be different by different people.. ye to insaan ka nature hi hai...

Best of luck.





CA. JAIN (Chartered Accountant)     21 December 2011

hi vikas,

                    i proud that i am member of icai..

                i like that you are thinking for me...(advising me what i have to do)...if you can think for me than why i cant think for icai, icai members, icai students...i think you know about partibha of me, better than me..around 50% ca are still unemloyed in market..whether its due to lack of partibha..?

no friend its only due to less demand of ca in market..i wish market of ca will come as boom..

thanks dost,

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RG - A Helping Hand

RG - A Helping Hand (Company Secretary)     21 December 2011

Relax Kamal Bhai....


Everything will be all right...It's a bit hard time for entire industry and even CS are also struggling and it is not happening for the first time.


Have faith in your abilities and you will really rock after some time. So till then keep yourself updated and invest your time in useful activities.

My Best wishes are always with you and other professionals who are searching for job..



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Vikash Kumar

Vikash Kumar (Manager Accounts (CA. Final))     21 December 2011

hi kamal,

I never asked that -there is no "partibha" in CA and CA students, please don't represent my thinking in wrong way. Do whaever u want think whatever u want..

I already asked in my early quote- feelings & opinion may be different by different people.. ye to insaan ka nature hi hai...



Rahul  Chobdar

Rahul Chobdar (Chartered Accountant (Financial Management))     21 December 2011

Dear Friends,

I believe the job market is bad due to poor economic conditions and its not only in India but through out the world, for instance, US.

When I opted for Chartered Accountancy, I did so because of the quality of knowledge and skills this degree entails. I never considered the demand & supply ratio.

What I can understand from the above is majority of you think a CA is important because the supply < demand. Please rethink.

Warm Regards,

R S C. 

Subramanyam Challapalli

Subramanyam Challapalli (BOM)     21 December 2011

Rathar than lamenting on being jobless, one should utilise their time in sharpening their communication skills / analytical skills & Other Soft Skills - I have seen how accountants fare in a common interview where other professionals/qualified candidates participate - a superb example is one of a Management trainee interview / Group Discussion which is conducted by Banking Companies.

For Most of the Accounting Professionals - the game gets over before it even begins. You seldom meet an impressive accountant who can speak fluently and convince a group. May be they will evolve as time goes by. But when they wrangle it out with freshers from B-Schools and Good Engineering Collages - it gets to be a poor show. Collegiate curriculam oriented study has a distinct advantage over accounting professionals - So do not get dejected - you have been blessed with sufficient time when you are young - IMPROVE - There is always scope for it.

Smart Guys may even prepare for Central Services/ Other Competitive Exams - after accounting professional need not end with accounting only. Smarter Candidates with even more worthier qualifications like IIT and MBBS are working up to be Civil Servants - most of the rank holders have elite qualifications like IIT / MBBS - so, its not a bad deal for an Accounting Professional .



reshma rachel kuruvilla

reshma rachel kuruvilla (ca final)     22 December 2011

sir, its easy to demand reduction of pass percentage when u are already qualified.... without simply saying that ca's are unemployed, just think of the reason why it is so,...??? in my opinion its merely due to lack of skills...soft skills as well as communication skills... but opinions may differ from person to person regards, reshma
Pallav Singhania

Pallav Singhania (❤ Work Hard Party Harder ❤)     22 December 2011





CA. JAIN (Chartered Accountant)     22 December 2011

hi reshma,

             i am not saying result should reduce..you are taking my topic to another way..topic is...

which is best...

1. unemployment after become ca

2. unemployment without ca

i am going with secondone because i want that value of ca profession will remain continue..

i wish result will always 100%, but only if there is demand...

plz dont compare ca with engineers and mba...

value of mba and engineers have come down due to over supply of these professonals...(due to lots of college)

and think ...ca degree in pocket and no demand or job in market..so plz take topic into mind and think as person not as ca or as student..

and last i wish from god in near future demand of ca will go at top...and result will always 100%


Subramanyam Challapalli

Subramanyam Challapalli (BOM)     22 December 2011

To my pompous friend,

I have not compared ca with ordinary engineering/mba, I have drawn an equation with elite Institutes like IIT/MBA, here again I did not compare.

I was just trying to educate my unemployed chartered accountant friends, that life doesnt stop with being an accountant. In fact, being an accountant is not a great thing in developed parts of the  world.

India is a queer place where the unlikely has market and demand

For example : You dont find voltage stabilisers in USA as there is no concept of power flucuation. It is inefficient power supply system that drives demand for these devices in India. And, accountants too a sort of thrive here because of loop-holed tax laws and extensive and sometimes un-necessary legislation and poor implementation of law.

You see most of the graduates opting for University courses like MS, or going for ivy league universities like Wharton and Kellogs in the US. Most of the graduates from elite Institutes like IITs/ IIMs go for CFA (USA) or after Ivy-League Institutes like Harvard, Kellogs, Wharton, UCLA etc.

Since past decade the IITs and MBBS grads. have occupied major number of slots in UPSC Exams - not because they are unemployed, In fact they get placed at 10-15 lac packs at base level itself and a 30 lac pack is not uncommon for IIT. I am trying to tell you that go ahead in life do not stop with Accountancy Profession only - better yourself as being unemployed gives you time for that.




riya (def)     24 December 2011

tumko job nahi mili to dosro ke result ko kyn change karvana chate ho? khud to ca ki degree le li ab dosro ke raste main roda kyn ban rahe ho? itna hi pareshan ho job na milne ki wajh se to apni degree phad do and samjo u r only b.com then find job. bt dosre ke liye problems mat create karo.




riya (def)     24 December 2011

tume ca ki degree leke galt lag raha hey to apni degree phad do bt hamare liye problem mat bnao. khud ko kuch nahi to aate to hum kya kare? ya approach se pass hue ho? job dhondo yaha dosre ke result kam karvane ke liye post mat karo. aisi post karni hey to apna id hi delete kar do yaha se ok. bt dnt create problem for our future.


riya (def)     24 December 2011

aj ke baad aisi post ki na to dekh lena its nt gud fr u ok


CA. JAIN (Chartered Accountant)     25 December 2011

hi riya,

           thankyou for such good manners...my topic is not to reduce the result...plz understand it.. u dont know whether at present i am in practice or job or business...i think for me i know better than u...


i attaching herewith a personal messge that is send by you...to me

Subject : hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Message :
agar ca karke job nahi mili tume to cs kyn kar rahe ho? pir baad main cs ke liye problem create karoge. if u r satisfied with ca degree to apni degree lo and usko phad ke fenk do and think u r b.com nd aur koi study mat karo and hamare liye problem mat bano yaha pe aisi post karke. ghar pe vehle rehte ho to it doesnt mean ki dosre ka future kharab karo ghar ke kam kar liya karo ok bt dont post this thing again its better if u tear ur degree and dont do cs and delete ur id frm here and do house work or find job on b.com base ok
From : riya

i also think u r created fake id here...

u hav no right to say me what i have to do..understand friend..

the way u messging me i think u never become ca, cs and other..

plz first of all become good human being...

plz plz friends dont take my topic to another way,,,,here i posted topic..that is..unemployment without ca or unemployment with ca,,,which is better...i go with first one...lots of students dont agree wih me..all you hav right to comment,,but plz in polite way...





Ashvin Bhanderi

Ashvin Bhanderi (ACCOUNTANT)     26 December 2011

I think kamal jain has no work even after being c.a. so he is thinking such a fool way.

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