what should i do with cs?

Ankit (B.Com) (63 Points)

15 February 2011  

hi i am ankit shah . i am 22 years old. i am graduate in commerce..right now i am doing m.com part 1...my exams are there in the april.....i have enrolled myself in cs ...my exams are in dec 11       now there are many questions going on my mind..there are:-

1. what should i do along with cs or after completing with cs.

2. should i do llb or mba in finance or icwai or icsa or any other course

3. if i do mba in finance through correspondence then it is worth it ?....means i have cs + mba in finance is it worth it?

4. after completing cs i vill have bcom and mcom {in management } degree and cs degree....is it enough or should i do more.....

5. should i do any pg courses.....along with cs

6. and last question that is very important ...that 15 month training is done after intermediate exam or final exam of cs.

plz reply fast as i don't know what to do?......