What after ca?

Ankit Agarwalla (CA) (281 Points)

09 June 2012  

Hello friends,

I am in a fix right now and hope you all will help me decide.

I had recently qualified and was placed in a respectable PSU.  Owing to a very generous supervision & very light workload, i happen to manage quite a time for myself. So i was thinking may be i could do something with this time. What i want from you is to suggest as to what should i do.....i have some in mind...CISA, DISA, Law, CS, CWA.....quite a spectrum isn't it?:) Having said that, i must also mention that, i do not intend to leave my current job in future due to obvious reasons.!!

Or should i enjoy as it is??(Well it is a very pleasent phase, i must say)!!