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03 July 2011  

uts Courses

UTS offers a wide range of skill based Online Distance Learning programs focusing on multiple industry & function, our programs are accredited by some of the most reputed educational bodies such as MIT School of Distance Education, Assam down town University, Annamalai University Distance Education & More.
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Mangement Courses

We offer Online Distance Learning programs in management courses with multiple Industry Specialisation to choose from:
M.B.A. - Masters of Business Administration (2 years)
M.B.A. + P.G.D.B.A (Dual Degree)
M.B.A. - Design Management
M.B.A. - Infrastructure Management
M.B.A. - IT Management
M.B.A. - Network Infrastructure Management
M.B.A. - Risk & Insurance Management
M.B.A. - Hospitality Management
M.B.A. - Materials Management
M.B.A. - Retail Management
M.B.A. - Telecom Management
M.B.A. –Energy Management
M.B.A. –Operations Management
M.B.A. –Project Management
M.B.A.-Wealth Management
P.G.D. - Post Graduate Diploma (1 year)
P.G.D. - Business Administration
P.G.D. - Finance Management
P.G.D. - Marketing Management
P.G.D. - Operations Management
P.G.D. - Retail Management
P.G.D. - Supply Chain Management
P.G.D. - Energy Management
P.G.D. - HR Management
P.G.D. - Materials Management
P.G.D. - Projects Management
P.G.D. - Risk & Insurance Management
P.G.D. - Wealth Management
B.B.M. - Bachelor of Business Management (3 years)
D.B.A. - Diploma in Business Administration (1 year)

 Industry Specialised Courses

Information Technology (IT)

M.C.A. - Masters of Computer Application (3 years)
P.G.D.I.T. - Post Graduation Diploma in Information Technology (1 year)
B.Sc.(I.T). - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (3 years)
B.Sc.(C.S.) - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (3 years)
Certificate Courses (3 Months)
Energy Management Course
P.G.D.E.M. - Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management (1 years)
Certificate Courses (3 Months)
Pipe Design Courses
P.G.D.P.D. – Post Graduate Diploma in Piping Design (1 year)
Certificate Courses (3 Months)
Fire Protection Course
P.G.D.F.P. – Post Graduate Diploma in Fire Protection (1 year)
Certificate Courses (3 Months)

Retail Management Course

D.R.M. - Diploma Retail Management (1 year)
Certificate Courses (3 Months)

Our Online Distance Education programs empowers you to study anything, anywhere, anytime by providing:
1. Open Platform: To choose the right program from a wide range of courses offered by multiple universities
2. Online Admissions: Choose, apply & pay to any program Online
3. Online Study Material: 24 X 7 Online accessibility of complete curriculum
4. Textbooks Study Material: All courseware along with Online is backed by books
5. Blackboard LMS: We deploy the most advance Learning Management system
6. Online Assignment: Just you study Online students can take Online assignment
7. Exhaustive e-Library: Get free access to unlimited resources of online journal and reference material
8. Flexible Exam Patterns: Students can choose the exam dates as per convenience but within stipulated period to avoid delay in course completion
9. Online Exams: Our pursuit of imparting education Online ends with Online exams at our exam centres across India
10. Placement Support: Our support don’t just stop just imparting with education, Our placement support team ensures to keep you abreast to most sought jobs

About uts

UTS was established in pursuance with the Government of India's policy to increase the role of private participation in the Education sector. The Management at uts brings in the expertise of successfully running an educational group – MIT Pune, a renowned private education conglomerate. Fortunate to be led by some of the best minds from the fields of Education and Technology, uts is poised to play a vital role in providing an important platform for organizations in the field of open education & skill development.
At UTS, we assist Academic Alliances to transform ideas into implementable and successful online skill based and employable programmes by providing end to end educational and skill building solutions.

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