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top 10 eye care tips

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RAMA KRISHNA (Sr.Executive - Accts & Preparing for IPCC)   (670 Points)
Replied 20 January 2011

Nice Tips, Thanks for Sharing Naina


Radhika Pai (CA(Final)) (775 Points)
Replied 20 January 2011

Originally posted by : P IMRAN KHAN

Naina is worried about others' Naina...... Resham

Well Said and True..!!!


Thanq naina for ur tips for Sunaina

 Thanks Naina !!!

kapil garg (article assistant) (50 Points)
Replied 20 January 2011

very valuable and earning tips

Manmohan ACA, CS (Chartered Accountant ) (14243 Points)
Replied 20 January 2011

Good one Naina

n!tE$h GarG (CA Final) (216 Points)
Replied 20 January 2011



vry helpful............. 



Originally posted by : Resham

Naina is worried about others' Naina......

How true... these are really time tested tips.. very effective..

niceeee :)

CA SURENDRA KUMAR RAKHECHA (Practising CA at Surat) (26253 Points)
Replied 20 January 2011

The most important is  : - 


Involve eye exercises in your daily regime and it is one among the best eye care tips. Blink your eyes several times and then close and roll them in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. In between those exercise take several deep breaths in and out slowly and then open the eyes.


With the help of this tip, the vision of eye will improve day by day. 


Some more exercises are there - Hold a ball pen or pencil in your hand and put the top of the pen exactly in front of your eyes. Take away your hand as fas as possible slowly. Then move it slowly towards your eyes. Do this at least for 6 times. You may do it for three times in a day for more benefits. 


In 2004, while checking my eyes by a renowned surgeon at Surat, he suggested me for operation otherwise it may prove risky. I took the help of abovementioned  tip with homeopathic medicine Calceria Flour 6. 


I also used one more homeopathic medince Cineraria Eye Drops. 


Then I developed one technique : to concentrate eyes on nose top ( dhyan-avashtha ). In this situation; everyone will see other things also lying in the region of eye-vision. Sometimes I focused on those ( alike what I used to do at nose top).


Surprisingly, my spect number is reducing which was recently confirmed by another doctor. 


Now I can sit before the computer almost 8-10 hours per day easily. 


One more suggestion :


Students who use spects and find difficulty to read continuously due to headache -  


Remove spects for approx 30-45 minutes and then start reading if the number are in the range of  - 1 to - 3.5. Not only they will feel easy but they can study for more time. 


Nikhil Kothari (Chief Consultant at Nikhil & Naresh Auditors & Consultants)   (4566 Points)
Replied 20 January 2011

Tu ye hai tumari badi badi akon ka raaj....

Just kidding....

Thanks for such useful tips....

1 Like

Sunshine (Helping All) (10575 Points)
Replied 20 January 2011

very useful post naina......used ur name to good effect...

jitendra jain (Asst. Manager of accounts & Finance )   (142 Points)
Replied 22 January 2011

Valuable Tips ...........

Prashantha K L (PCC student) (92 Points)
Replied 24 February 2011

Very valuable and earning tips. Thanks far sharing Naina, Sanyam and Surendra Sir

ashok kumar (Accountant) (963 Points)
Replied 26 May 2011

Keep sharing

Shumeetra Bhattacharya (CA Final) (130 Points)
Replied 27 May 2011 much knowledge gathered regarding eye care...

thank u very much....really needed it....

Prashant Rajput (An insatiable Learner) (889 Points)
Replied 05 September 2015

Thanks for sharing about eye care

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