Time for self assesment tax to reflect in form 26 as

pranav mishra (article) (42 Points)

24 August 2015  


Filed my Tax Return. There was some Tax due so I paid it through Seld assesment - epay route. Its been three days but this amount has not been updated in my Form 26 AS. Such Amount should come in part C of the form 26 AS. I have taken challan print out though my net banking website.

My question is, my return shows tax payable. If I submit the ITR V, then I think I will get Demand notice from department with interest, incase form 26 AS is not updated for a long time. Am I correct ?

Also how long it takes form 26AS to get updated after one has paid tax through self assessment route.

My plan is to revise my return as and when 26 AS gets updated as I can revise my return because I have filed it before due date.

Please advise.